Saturday, 22 March 2008

The Start

We have decided to set up a blog to share things with you that might not fit on our website and which makes use of the flickr and youtube things that we collect through this adventure. It also gives us all a chance to talk about stuff that's on the edges of what we do and some matters that are completely irrelevant.

Beavis was brought to you by Ian from Japanther. The photograph at the top of the page is of Lucky Dragons from our recent party at Ms Bea's in Austin, Texas for SXSW. A new album from Lucky Dragons is due out on Upset the Rhythm in May.

Two things happened to us in Austin that were completely unexpected. The first is that we ate some cactus (opinion is sharply divided on whether this was a pleasurable thing or not) and the second is that we saw turtles in the Town Lake. They were everywhere! And when you approach them they fall off their logs and stones and swim away. Here are some for you.


Littlefair said...

FYI: They are Terrapins of the 'Red-eared slider' variety. Just like my Cecil at home!

Hope you're well and enjoyed your trip!


I am so impressed with your turtle expertise! Cecil is the best name for a turtle ever. Hope all is well with you - claire x