Thursday, 28 January 2010


A time for favourites, all these bands rule!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010


Our friend Gemma just finished her new fanzine called HOAXINE, it looks amazing, we just bagged a copy by going here (proceeds to Crisis too BTW):


Here's some contents to persuade you either way!! Tremendous!

> > >

Welcome to the first Issue of Hoaxine. 60 pages in full black and white.

Please give generously to Crisis (suggested donation £2) as a thank you for your donation, you will recieve a copy of Hoaxine - Issue 1


Design A Wave - Interview - ARD
The Orbs - Tim Hill
Plug - Interview - GLF
Laurence Hyde - GLF
Jodorowsky's Dune - Phil Johnson
The Daughter of Zion left as a cottage in a vineyard - Vincent Larkin
An Interview with Mad Headed Octogram
Foot Village - Interview - GLF
Nectars Sting - Janet Abreu
The Garden City Utopia - ARD
Rock N Roll Conspiracies and Cover ups - Steven Belfrage
She was such a lovely child - Dan Fandango
The Jack of Clubs - Ronald Raydon foreword by GLF
Eunoch - GLF
Friddays and Greasy Spoons - Tim Hill
Please don't let go - Mark Jasper

Plus - The Human RACE centre page garage wall pin-up

Thursday, 14 January 2010


The lovely people of Brighton's 20 JAZZ FUNK GREATS blog asked us to do a New Year playlist for them. Here it is, with a bit of a commentary for the curious.

20 JAZZ FUNK GREATS mixtape available HERE


1. PLUG – Fresh Pleasures
After two excellent singles on Parlour Records, we're delighted that Plug are recording an album for UTR, possibly as I type.

2. BIRD NAMES – Natural Weeds
On tour now, look out Europe, they are keeping it loose and together!

3. HARTLEY C WHITE – Welcome Back To Reality
Future music informed by the cadences of martial arts and spoken word. What's not to like?

4. KIT – Cure Light Wounds
This is one of our favourite tracks from the immense new KIT album called "Invocation" which will be released on UTR and PPM in June.

5. US GIRLS – Red Ford Radio
New track from Meghan's forthcoming album on Siltbreeze. We've just finished booking a tour for her in February, so keep an eye out for dates.

6. COLD PUMAS – Peaches
From forthcoming UTR 7", hopefully out in March. Throwing down the motorik gaunlet.

7. TORO Y MOI – Fax Shadow
Great track from the new album on Carpark.

8. FORMER GHOSTS – Aria Of The Bell
One of the more haunting tracks which didn't fit on "Fleurs", available on the digital version of the record, with other bonus track "The Same Mistake".

9. NO BABIES – Tanuki (Mix 1)
This is an early mix from San Francisco's No Babies, recorded by Steve Touchton of KIT. We are looking forward to working with them on a future release.

10. TRASH KIT – Sun Spots
Exuberantly reflective track from the forthcoming self-titled LP on UTR. Catch them playing a show tonight, or tomorrow, or maybe the night after as they are busy busy busy right now!

11. THE STICKS – One And The Same
Apparently they comb their hair at the weekends. New album out now.

12. SANDCRABS – Mumble B. Peg

Fun chaotic song recorded by Baltimore bud Chester.

13. BRILLIANT COLORS – English Cities

A tenuous link here, as we're bringing them on tour this summer and yes, they'll be visiting English cities or as we call them, hamlets. Groan.

14. DARK MEAT – Yonderin’

Dark Meat rock. Nuff said.


This is a track from a new Not Not Fun 7", there's a London show in the pipeline, heads up.

16. GIRLS WITH ATTITUDE – Don’t Judge Me

We are all one happy family of friends.

17. WILD NOTHING – Live In Dreams
Smiths obsessed Jack Tatum, here with one of his best. Another future show to look out for you lucky Londoners.

18. LESLIE FLINT – Possessed by Oscar Wilde (Recorded in London 02.05.1957)

Hair raising versus hilarious.


Extra special thanks to Colin at Tatty Seaside Town for the brilliant show at Hector's House in Brighton last night. We very much enjoyed the sets from Cold Pumas, Trash Kit, The Sticks and Bird Names and had a lovely time in the DJ booth where we felt like we were inside a Punch and Judy show! (No sausages though, sadly).

REMEMBER - Bird Names on tour now!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

BIRD NAMES - CASTING the first STONE tour dates

Yes BIRD NAMES are in the country, exploring the British Museum and trying Wine Gums for the first time!!! When in Rome, look out for them on tour from TODAY!

BIRD NAMES (Upset The Rhythm)

Tuesday 12 – London – The Lexington with GARY WAR and DAM MANTLE
Wednesday 13 – Brighton - Hector's House with THE STICKS and TRASH KIT and COLD PUMAS
Thursday 14 – Liverpool – Bumper
Friday 15 – Leeds - Brudenell Social Club
Saturday 16 – Glasgow – 13th Note
Sunday 17 – Newcastle – Cumberland Arms
Monday 18 – Manchester – Retro Bar
Tuesday 19 - Bristol - TBA
Wednesday 20 –Cardiff - Buffalo Bar
Thursday 21 – London – Barden’s Boudoir with LEVENSHULME BICYCLE ORCHESTRA and PLEASE
Friday 22 - Westcliff On Sea - Barlambs

Sunday 23 - Metz - Le Caveau
Monday 24 - Lyon - Grnd 0
Wednesday 27 - Lausanne - La D├ępendance
Friday 29 - Prague - Klub 007
Saturday 30 - Wroclaw - CRK
Sunday 31 - Berlin - HBC

Monday 1 - Hamburg - Hafenklang
Tuesday 2 - Bielefeld - AJZ Bielefeld
Thursday 4 - Tournai - Water Moulin
Friday 5 - Ghent - Kraak
Saturday 6 - Paris - La Fl├Ęche d'Or

BIRD NAMES are a perfectly off-centre pop band from Chicago. Their songs are often ragged and experimental whilst remaining inventive and catchy. Characterised by a kaleidoscopic approach to songwriting, Bird Names mix together a world of ideas, instruments and musical styles into a sound full of personality. Sing-along waltzes can walk hand-in-hand with ad hoc scrambled guitar lines yet some semblance of balance is always held on to. Officially the band's fifth full-length album 'Sings The Browns' released on Upset The Rhythm is typical in its scope. Escaping the acute lo-fidelity of previous efforts this record takes you to places which you never see coming. It is a sky's the limit album scribbled in loose, intuitive musicianship, reinforced by an ethos of radical unconscious play.


Wonderful and somewhat distressing new video by Paul Rodriguez!

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Brighton by the sea!!

Listen up!!! We're seriously psyched about this party, we tried thinking backwards once but it didn't work, plus it's in hector's house and no one told him!!! Thank you Tatty Seaside Town!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Foot Village > Pro-Creation Rockers FREE COMPILATION

In celebration of friends made and memories formed whilst on their last European tour Foot Village have put together this free compilation snapshot of tracks from some of the bands they played with alongside some recordings of their live performances too! NOW GO AND ENJOY YOURSELVES!!!



"a compilation of bands that played on Foot Village's 2009 'Anti-Magic / Pro-Creation' EU tour"

art by Seripop

1. Foot Village "Lovers With Iraqis (Live @ CCA)"
2. Divorce "Early Christianity"
3. BITCHES "Vampire"
4. Silk Flowers "Chance Of Showers"
5. Ultimate Thrush "Complex Cats"
6. Shift-Static "Father's Footsteps I"
7. King Alexander "Tall Tales"
8. Joy Of Sex "Weather Controller (Live @ The Thunderbolt)"
9. Hyper Black Bass "Contona"
10. Coupe Coup "Monojupette"
11. Simple Appareil "Worth The Trip"
12. Sausage Party "Up Fuckery (live)"
13. Blue Sabbath Black Fiji "Swimming To Florida"
14. Foot Village "Totally Tween (Live @ CCA)"


Sunday, 3 January 2010

Saturday, 2 January 2010


YES! We originally met Greg when he toured with Ariel Pink alongside John Maus on their first European tour back in June 2005. We had been sent a crazy mp3 CD which at the time we could only listen too through a playstation but when we heard GARY WAR we were thrilled he was available to play a solo set too. It was one of our favourite shows and over the wilderness years that followed I often thought about Greg and then finally he released two brilliant records last year, what a great excuse to book a tour and as they say the rest is history or technically the future I guess, albeit a small future of a few days!!! Check out the upcoming tour dates below and share with all and sundry, this will be a great kickstart to 2010,

January 2010
05.01 - Manchester - Islington Mill
06.01 - Dublin - Upstairs at Whelans
07.01 - Belfast - Pavillion
08.01 - Glasgow - Cry Parrot
09.01 - Newcastle - Star & Shadow
10.01 - Cambridge - Portland Arms
11.01 - Brighton - Cowley Club
12.01 - London - The Lexington w/ Bird Names

GARY WAR is a mysterious upstart from Brooklyn who can conjure the ever-changing zeitgeist of psychedelia out of the ether. Playing with vast, sweeping echoes, softly sung lyrics, and infusing sonic textures through synth-driven overtures, Gary War takes us through the often banal sonics of the psychedelic form with a fresh take on what seems at first, an aggregate of the past couple of decades of drug-influenced music, and drops us dead center, at the doorstep to La La Land. His tonal insobriety, from one song to the next is a true sign of the times, where artists are driven to explore different avenues, melding genres, vocal styles and instrumentation to arrive somewhere new, all the while taking the listener along for the ride. Pulling from influences that hold as much up to Chrome as they do Syd Barret, Gary War is able to wrangle them from every corner, and he even covers The Alan Parsons Project without sounding misguided,or a late arriving hippie on a hotbox high. Gary War creates a sound that wisps through the knobby branches of the past and sumptuously uproots our notions of the boundaries of psychedelia. Gary War has albums available through two of our favourite record labels SHDWPLY and Sacred Bones and a forthcoming EP on Captured Tracks too.

Friday, 1 January 2010