Thursday, 27 November 2008

Death Sentence Panda live in Paris!

We went to Paris last week and saw Death Sentence Panda in an awesome squat called La Miroiterie. Thank you to Guillaume who set the show up!
Death Sentence were amazing, as ever, and played to a really receptive crowd, who joined in with percussion duties at the end. Kim did a beautiful piece of crowd surfing, which was the closest to crowd gliding we'd ever seen. The band have been on tour in the continent over the last few weeks to promote the release of their new Insects Awaken record, available now on CD and FINALLY on vinyl from our webshop.
Here are a couple of videos for your perusal:

Also, happy thanksgiving to all our American readers!

ps. KIT singles, which feature no other than Mike Watt, are out now! Also, check the webshop for some great distro goodies which we've been collecting for you.

DDDDD fanzine - online?!!

Reader, I take you back to a more innocent time. Maybe around ten years ago, can't be any less that that because I've lived in the Great Wen for ages now. Not pre-internet, but a time when the internet wasn't up to much in terms of music, or at least, the music I was listening to in them days (careful, I'll start reminiscing about the size of Wagon Wheel biscuits and Spangles in a minute). It was when I lived at home in Shrewsbury and felt very cut off from things in the very tangible way that living in the middle of nowhere does to you.
I somehow found out about this amazing fanzine called ddddd that was written by Simon who would always send you a rambling letter on the back of a newspaper. His fanzine was a stream of consciousness, typewritten with a broken typewriter, a rush of music reviews, opinion, pure bile and utter common sense about life and everything. I must have sent a whole load of (I imagine, pretty embarrassing) rambling letters myself, because I had a whole load of ddddds in a box, each lovingly photocopied and stuck together with white tape (am I right?). Well, about a year ago this whole period of my life came back to me in a rush, and I remember being drunk and talking to at least three people at gigs (er, sorry guys!) about this fanzine, and they all thought I was making it up. When I went to visit mum and dad I rooted round for this box, to no avail. I spent an age looking on the internet for Simon, despite knowing deep down he wasn't really the blogging type. Well, today I got an email telling me about ddddd fanzine online. I know! Amazing! Apparently this has been going on some time (damn you Google) under my nose and there's some good stuff. There's a cracking interview with Neil Campbell (the description of his son in the cinema had me laughing out loud) and the range of issues online suggests Simon's working on a manifesto for New Luddism, which seems like a very appealing prospect at the current time. You can find ddddd online here
claire x

Monday, 24 November 2008


Outside of our beloved Big Smoke reside many UK hubs of musical enthusiasm and perhaps our favourite of the bunch when touring about with bands or just visiting on travels has always been Glasgow. Yes it has a musical hegemony of particular quality and good times are always guaranteed but the best thing about the city is it's spirit of DIY culture which drips with spontaneous activities. Throw a battered Mars Bar in Glasgow and you will hit a newly formed band every time, it's righteous and beautiful. Tomorrow sees the launch party at the Buffalo Bar of a new compilation called 'The Glasgow School Of Art Goes Pop' from the fine people of AGP Records (from Leeds accutely) who have decided to release an audio snapshot of the city's most current underground actioneers. Their are parties also planned in Leeds and Glasgow too I believe so get busy and look lively, here's a list of some of the bands who feature on the new CD to whet your appetite further:

isosceles / hidden masters / punch and the apostles / sparrow and the workshop / the low miffs / plaaydoh / someyoungpedro / clean george iv / triple school / ming ming and the ching chings / we were promised jetpacks / popup / yoko, oh no! and bruce mcclure / dirty summer / gummy stumps / paul vickers and the leg / lyons / orphnans / nacional / jack butler / zoey van goey

More information on everything HERE yup:

Friday, 7 November 2008


Amazing poster by our bud Diego!

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

FUTURE ISLANDS tour poster

Future Islands are coming over to tour Europe/UK next February, here's a preview of their awesome poster for the tour dates (more news soon) - NICE!

Saturday, 1 November 2008


First up, the video for "Water" by Hawnay Troof. The kids in this video are simply amazing, and the song rules. It is from the album "Islands of Ayle" which comes heavily recommended.


Secondly, this is the video for "Can I come over?" and "Quoting Poets" and "Kiss me on the bus" by Younger Lovers.


Younger Lovers are fronted by Brontez, of Gravy Train infamy. We've just been talking about when we last saw GT and we could only remember sleazy drunken dancing, which kind of says it all. But Younger Lovers take us back to tapes that came in the post from 1996 or 7 and for that reason alone they are amazing. The fact that these songs are complete scuzzy pop perfection is only the icing on a very gooey cake.

Finally, proof that in a mad world. with the economy eating itself, with radio presenters offending dominatrixes, and with the rain continuing to pour down on this sodden town, here is proof that there is a God (maybe). Yes, it's Nickelback being pelted by rocks.

That's all folks.


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