Tuesday, 26 June 2012

JAZZ MIND out now!!!

Our new record for Ed Schrader's Music Beat is OUT NOW! Here's some photos to whet your appetite and a new video for the sprawlingly awesome 'When I'm In A Car', November will also see the band bring their intense live show over to Europe, so watch this space!


Artist:  Ed Schrader’s Music Beat
Title:  Jazz Mind
Catalogue Number:  UTR053
Formats: CD / LP
Track listing:
1.            Sermon
2.            Gem Asylem
3.            Traveling
4.            Right
5.            Do The Manuver
6.            Rats
7.            My Mind Is Broken By The Sound
8.            When I’m In A Car
9.            Airshow
10.           I Can’t Stop Eating Sugar
11.           Gas Station Attendant

Before Ed Schrader’s Music Beat, Ed made music under the name Ed Schrader, layering trippy sounds over pounding drums. A 10” from four years back documents this era, before Ed expanded the project into Music Beat. In 2009 Devlin Rice (also of Nuclear Power Pants) joined Ed for a one-off show. The band formed quite unintentionally. Ed was invited to play a rave of all things, and before almost deciding to opt out decided to join forces with his roommate Devlin for the performance, and play as a duo, the show was magical with Ed doing manic extended versions of his songs, crooning to a glow stick friendly crowd under a full moon in September, while Devlin raged alongside making for a winning combination that was too good to leave as a one night affair. This mind meld took the left field paranoid pop that Ed was composing and added a powerful low end power chug from the jug of eternal rock and raised the whole project a more visceral live experience.

Since then the band has done considerable touring with acts such as Future Islands, Lightning Bolt, Dan Deacon and really whipped up some enthusiasm based on their minimal and real rock vision.

The band issued a 7” on Load Records last year called ‘Sermon / Rats’ and response has been pretty damn positive:

a crazily interesting Baltimore duo using bass, drums, and vocals to do something very pummelsome in a punk way without cowtowing to any of the genres clichés

Ed Schrader is one of the most engaging artists of our generation
Vice Magazine

Ed is a master songsmith, a one man Butthole Surfers who has reduced pop and punk to their most basic building blocks
Village Voice

The band recorded “Jazz Mind”, with Twig Harper (of Nautical Almanac) and mixed it with Chester Gwazda (producer of Dan Deacon’s ‘Spider Man of The Rings’, and ‘Bromst’, and Future Islands albums, ‘In Evening Air’ and ‘On the Water’).  The recording boils down the band’s vision of pop-inflected, stripped-down rawk to its most necessary elements.

‘Jazz Mind’ is a sonic panorama of a record. "My Mind Is Broken By The Sound But It Gets Me Around” finds a serene minimal bliss in floor tom and subtle robotic vocals, whilst raging anthem “When I'm In A Car” (featuring Randy Randall of No Age) bleeds into the more conceptual dark euphoria of compositions like "Right" (featuring Matmos plus a real hurdy-gurdy). You hold the truth in your hands right now, pop music in its purest form, rhythm and personality, and what’s better than that? 

Monday, 25 June 2012

EYELESS IN GAZA - poster!!!

Thanks to James Hines for this brilliant poster for next month's Eyeless In Gaza show!

Saturday 21 July
79 Endell Street, Covent Garden, WC2H 9 DY
8pm | £11.00 | http://www.wegottickets.com/event/167161


Thursday, 21 June 2012



Thursday 2 August
Tufnell Park Dome, 178 Junction Road, Tufnell Park, N19 5QQ
8pm | £8.00 | http://www.wegottickets.com/event/164741

Thursday, 7 June 2012


01. Lucky Dragons - Live at UTR
02. Sunglasses - Swim
03. Foxhounds - Bees With Honey
04. Borg - Nancy Sang
05. Dope Body - Out Of My Mind
06. Alice Babs - St Louis Blues Twist
07. Getatchew Mekurya -Yegenet Muziqa
08. Erkin Koray - Hele Yar
09. Lil B - Live at UTR
10. The Flying Pickets - When Doves Cry
11. Robedoor - Sabbath Breaker
12. Liquor Ball - Come Fly With Us
13. Yola Fatoush - Celine
14. Zoetrope - Demons
15. Kemialliset Ystävät - Tässä Maassa Kun Näin Makailen
16. Gibson Brothers - Big Pine Boogie
17. R Stevie Moore - Love Has Doubt
18. eX-Girl - Tozka
19. White Rainbow - Mystic Prism
20. King Tuff - Keep On Movin'
21. Tonstarttsbandht - Live at UTR
22. Aymie & Richard's MIX featuring...
    DK Ketchup - Um Ano De Namoro
    Rainbow Arabia - Without You (Nguzunguzu Remix)
    Rye Rye - Go Pop Bang
    Spoek Mathambo feat Avuyile Tosa & Yolanda Fyrus Xashi - Mshini Wam (Canblaster Remix)
    Jam City - How We Relate To The Body
    Rizzla - Church
    Fatima Al Qadiri - Vatican Vibes
    Demdike Stare - Hashashin Chant
    Azis - Saint Tropei
23. Jim Ford - Point Of No Return

Japanther in London on July 2nd!

Thanks to Barnie Page for the poster!