Thursday, 25 November 2010


Upset The Rhythm TV #13: Former Ghosts vs. Zola Jesus vs. Xiu Xiu from Charles Chintzer Lai on Vimeo.

For episode 13, we present the trinity of Former Ghosts, Zola Jesus, and Xiu Xiu. They casted a spell on us with their performances at XOYO, so much that we trusted them to take our camera backstage without any guidance. This is a story about friendship and gratuitous product placement.

Edited by Charles Chintzer Lai

Cinematography: Jeremy Abbott, Maria Cecilia, Charles Chintzer Lai

Guests: Former Ghosts, Zola Jesus, Xiu Xiu

* Photo above by Stella Kowalski

Monday, 22 November 2010


Upset The Rhythm TV #12: Screaming Females from Charles Chintzer Lai on Vimeo.

Screaming Females are violently loud on stage, introspective and soft-spoken off stage. We had a candid with them about why Marissa likes to wear uniforms, how they aim to challenge lesbian stereotypes, and how they engage with ethical consumer decisions. See Marissa shred on guitar in live performances of I Don’t Mind It and Bell. Oh yeah, we also made a tampon advert (!)

Directed, filmed, & edited by Charles Chintzer Lai


Friday, 12 November 2010

High Times

You know how it goes you finally upload those photos from your phone and you have a surprising amount of candid moments you can't resist sharing!
Hope you enjoy these,

Trash Kit as pixels at The Ex show!

Woom find wildlife for a photoshoot, does this look like a proposal?

William Cashion (Future Islands) in the studio accompanied by the lip hamster!

John Maus gets theoretical about the soundtrack to Predator (dry shoulders at least!)
Dean and Randy (Staring Problem, No Age) getting their Dial House on
Daniel (Oneohtrix) and Jan (Tomutonntu) in potentially problematic north of the border tour outfits
Freddy (Former Ghosts), Jherek and Zac (Parenthetical Girls) did put Elizabeth on the guestlist

Robby Bee (High Places) has a epiphany about becoming a gun slinger
Seth (Hunx) and lil' Larkin both like hugs
No Kids drink Buckfast like there's no tonight, let alone tomorrow

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

New KIT 'Invocation' CD and LP released TODAY tooo

Kit "Rain" from who ate my teeth? on Vimeo.

KIT are a super-melodic experimental rock band mainly from Los Angeles, California. They were recently described by Rob Barber of High Places as "a strange intersection where Void meet Incredible String Band". This gives some insight into their wonderful muddling on genres. They play fast, short, defiant songs that mess with the ideas of pop music and wayward punk. Maybe they'll start off playing a song straight - sweetness and light abounds - but before you know it everything gets flipped on its head and chased into damaged terrain. KIT songs can typically embrace hardcore rush, pop verse, jagged noise and cheer rally, all within the same moment - nothing but raw energy and instinctive songwriting holding it all together.

'INVOCATION' is KIT's second full-length and sees them producing a decidedly more reflective and considered album. Rooted in the occult and metaphysics, it's drenched in West Coast sunshine noir - a contradiction of excessive over-the-top speed-demon pop and ominous leviathans lurking right below the surface.

Recorded at the Department of Safety in Anacortes, Washington aka "Nowhere" - before this legendary all-ages art space shut down - the band removed all of its familiar comfort zones for the sessions of 'INVOCATION'. The northern latitude meant longer days to work in and a refurbished fire station to play with, the sound of its concrete halls folding into Phil Elverum's (Microphones, Mount Eerie) unorthodox recording.

'INVOCATION' is available on CD and LP as of TODAY here:


New TRASH KIT 7" released TODAY!

Trash Kit return with a new 7" single bearing two of their finest tracks yet. 'Teenagers' is a triumph of immediacy, mixed emotions and thunderstorms, whilst double A-side 'How Do You Do?' is ultimately poignant with its mixture of handclaps and twisting melody. "Will I remember her this September when it gets wet? Break me up, sweep me up," sings Rachel looking backwards with different eyes.

The 7" is limited to 500 copies on translucent orange vinyl. The digital version is accompanied by an exclusive song entitled 'Happy New Year', taken from the same session as their album and included recently on their tour-only cassette compilation.


and lots of shops across the world from Monday!