Wednesday, 2 July 2008


Whoo Upset People!

You probably know Matthew Thurber as the gangly saxophonist par excellence in SOILED MATTRESS & THE SPRINGS - hands aloft!

But he's also an amazing cartoonist, you can see some of his work in their new album for us. Along with his Ambergris publishing umbrella, he is also responsible for the unbelievably surreal comic series 1-800 MICE and the saucy title BICYCLE FLUIDS, both through Picturebox.

As you can imagine we almost died when he drew a badge for us featuring our favourite Rudimentary Peni-loving character Peace Punk, in a way don't we all love Rudimentary Peni, in a way aren't we all Peace Punks?

The badges are being made right now by our friends in Glasgow and will adorn all our clothes next week. They will be available for free with all mailorders and at our future shows too.


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Je Deteste said...

Amazing! I get to display my love of UTR and 1-800 Mice at the same time!