Monday, 9 February 2009


Sam, Gerrit and William are in Leeds today, halfway through their UK tour, I went along with them on this first half and it's been a blast. All the shows have been so much fun and I'm seriously excited about Feb 12th, this Thursday, as they're back in London playing with Ponytail and Gentle Friendly at the 100 Club, we'll be spinning circles of music too!

We have some new live videos from the last show on our youtube channel today plus the film below is a clip from the ALMOST UNPLUGGED session the band recorded at Islington Mill in Manchester two days ago. The song is called 'Happiness of Being Twice' and will be released in full electronic splendor on a new 7" we're putting out in a month or so called 'Feathers & Hallways', space watchers.


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