Friday, 6 March 2009


George, Kristy, Steve and VC of KIT play their favorite jams for you!

> > > TRACK LISTING < < <

The Aislers Set - The Way To Market Station
Magnetic Fields - Born On a Train
My Bloody Valentine - Nothing Much To Lose
Jesus and Mary Chain - The Hardest Walk
Animal Collective - Turn Into Something
Electrelane - Greater Times
Margot and the Nuclear So and So's - Skeleton Key
Konono No.1- Paradisio

Abe Vigoda- Endless Sleeper
David Scott Stone- Forst Fields
Ziegenbock Kopf- Hot Cocks on Fire
High Castle- Veddie Cornis

Jessica Rylan - Please Come To Meet Me There
Menace Ruine - This Place of Power
Brain Sucking Peanunanners - Little Woman of the Sun
Lindsey Buckingham - Holiday Road

The Breeders - Freed Pig (Sebadoh cover)
Beck - Steal My Body Home
Flaming Lips - Be My Head
DAT Politics - Videotape


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