Monday, 13 July 2009


Well, we've had a really amazing time here in the US, three completely incredible shows in New York, LA and San Francisco under our belts. A full and extensive thanks list will be coming soon, but immediate thanks go to Aviram Cohen, Todd P and his crew, Brian Miller, Jim Smith and Kyle Mabson at The Smell and the volunteers, Rob Barber, all at Club Sandwich and George Chen. Obviously many many thanks to the bands who played, in particular those who travelled vast distances, to those whose floors and sofas we have crashed on and who have driven us round!
We have lots of photos and videos to go online when we get back, a worrying amount of them being of cute pets!
At the minute we are in San Francisco, we get back Friday, and normal UTR London service resumes with Growing and Nissenenmondai and Team Brick at Luminaire on Monday 20th. Hopefully we can see some of you there and we can show off our collective sunburn (ouch!)

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Anonymous said...

Well done! craaazies. rad.