Tuesday, 11 August 2009


You may already know that the Gentle Friendly album is coming out on 19th October and that somewhere deep in the belly of Europe skilled artisans (I kid you not*) are putting this together as we read.

HOWEVER, the impatient among you will rejoice, for we have a digital-only free single for you at our website featuring two tracks from the record, "RIP Static" and "Clean Breaker". Follow the link to www.upsettherhythm.co.uk where you can also download a more hi res version of the art than above, or from Pitchfork, who are kindly previewing the tracks too!

Here is a photo of Gentle Friendly from the Whitechapel Gallery show on 26th June.

*apparently there is one person at the GZ pressing plant (where the vast majority of European labels get their records pressed) who can do endless run out grooves and etchings. Just one.

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