Thursday, 22 April 2010


Monday 26 April – LONDON – Cargo w/ Crystal Antlers + Teeth
Tuesday 27 April – BRIGHTON – Hector’s House w/ Peepholes
Wednesday 28 April – SHEFFIELD – Penelope’s
Thursday 29 April – GLASGOW – 13th Note
Friday 30 April – NEWCASTLE – Star & Shadow
Saturday 1 May – NOTTINGHAM – The Chameleon
Sunday 2 May – MANCHESTER – The Angel Centre
Monday 3 May – LONDON – Camp Basement w/ Viv Albertine

TALK NORMAL was born with rigorous beats, post-punk dissonance, and darkly evocative vocals from the friendship of Sarah Register and Andrya Ambro in 2007. Forming in Brooklyn their lightning-strike first guitar-n-drums appearance followed quickly whilst their sound stormed upward and outward, referencing few and relating to many, a jarringly songful gale of rhythm and noise supporting pleas and plaints, signal-calls and marching orders. Echoes of No Wave-era noisemakers - particularly the dogmatic rants of Lydia Lunch's Teenage Jesus and the Jerks and the urgent abstractions of Ut were unmistakable. But the duo also has firm roots in the present New York underground, specifically the noise-rock of veteran trio Sightings, whose Richard Hoffman guests on their records and often performs onstage with them too. After a couple of years having done-it-themselves; including self-released demos, the 2008 EP 'Secret Cog' and shows played alongside Marnie Stern, Major Stars, Chris Corsano and Magik Markers to name just a few, Talk Normal have now perfected their heavy eerie quality of their music, surpassing the cavernous territory first dug out by the early dirges of Sonic Youth and Swans. Talk Normal released their debut album 'Sugarland' on Rare Book Room Records last year and it instantly became one of our favourite records of the year, we are very excited to have them over in the UK on tour for Upset The Rhythm.

Talk Normal "In a Strangeland" from Rare Book Room Records on Vimeo.

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yann said...

Excellent! It's a shame I could not be in England to see them... Next time. Maybe...