Thursday, 27 May 2010



UK tour- May 2010
27.05 - Brighton - Freebutt

28.05 - Leeds - Cardigan Arms

29.05 - Glasgow - Arts School

30.05 - Manchester - Saki Bar

31.05 - London - Cargo

ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER is the psycho-synthual experimentation project of Daniel Lopatin. Much like his contemporaries Emeralds, Lopatin is one of those enviably prolific underground figures, constantly committing his experiments to limited runs of sought-after CD-Rs and cassettes over the last two years. To shed a little light on his background, his father was a member of Russian psych outfit The Flying Dutchmen, and owner of a Juno 60 and Hohner Stringer. So it's easy to draw a line to his eerie analog synth sound, reminiscent of Kluster, Schulze or, more recently, Boards Of Canada. Cascading arpeggios, eerie ambience and vintage electronics swell to heavenly levels. Not only is it all so effortlessly warm and saturated in woozy tape warble, but Daniel's sound is also wonderfully tuneful and unselfconscious, for which the Massachusetts synth wrangler should be greatly applauded. Daniel's albums are available through No Fun Recordings now, plus a brand new CD on Editions Mego is due for release soon.

TOMUTONTTU is a solo project from Jan Anderzén who also performs in Finnish out-psych collective Kemialliset Ystävät. Jan's music is stripped down to the frame with a minimal synth breeze blowing through it. Beautifully lyrical in its layered abstractions, there is a sort of finely hewn composite of experimental dada electronics (à la early, early, early Die Todliche Doris or early, early, early P16.D4) and composerly elements (à la Rimarimba, Andrew Poppy or Meredith Monk). A few little Kraut-isms top off the tonic at no extra charge. Oh, and there's a bit that gets all spacey and chirpy like when the Virgin Prunes go completely bonkers (that's sure a helpful reference point... well, we like it). Tomutonttu has music available through Beta-Lactam Ring and Fonal.

We'd appreciate it a lot if you could spread the word along with us, both bands redefine and are seriously making the future.

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