Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Probably a series to be continued, but here is a start. I have been photographing Upset The Rhythm shows since the end of 2006, and try to capture the atmosphere of shows for our archives (I don't always succeed). Now that Barden's is closing this leaves a significant quantity of photos from that venue. Here are a selection of photos of shows at Barden's and here is what they all are in case you were wondering:
1. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti
2. Sam Herring, Future Islands
3. Amelia and Simon making use of the smoker's bench (long gone)
4. Mika Miko
5. Andrew Doig, part of the original team who discovered Barden's and one of it's first bookers.
6. Hawnay Troof
7. Luke, Tanith, Chris, all of UTR, on door duties
8. Ponytail
9. Japanther are in there somewhere
10. Ditto Girl Talk
11. John Maus
12. Masks used by White Mice before a show so loud i had to go outside to vomit (true story).
13. Get Hustle
14. Audience for Dan Deacon
15. Umit, owner and manager of Barden's. In the background is Andrew (Chukka) and Dan, UTR members. Andrew was one of the first people to do sound at Bardens, and Dan was one of the first people to discover it (they lived in the building behind the venue, in one of the flats in the now near-legendary Miller's Terrace).
16. Security cameras, during a break in the Marnie Stern show.
17. Post-show crash and burn for Barbarians, the only band to ever bring an oven into Bardens and to use it as a musical instrument. I am the one in the red shoes. Blood from this performance remained on the ceiling for about 3 years.


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Brattwell said...

bardens/millers 4 lyfe? :) well actually i guess not but definitely good times and good memories at both!! A real shame.

Brattwell said...
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