Tuesday, 28 September 2010

NEW 12" - PEEPHOLES / APATT Split 12" Series

Yes, our new record from Peepholes and Apatt is released this week. It's a solid slab of heavy euphorics, throbbing hollers and oddball instrumentals all captured on "blood red" vinyl.

PEEPHOLES are Katia Barrett and Nick Carlisle who take turns singing, drumming and synth-prodding whilst smiling a lot and running back and forth on stage. Their songs, often cloaked in a cloud of echoing atmospherics, throb with raucous beats and jab you in the eye when you're not looking. It's party music for the lost at sea - sometimes primitive, sometimes soaring, but never boring. Their side of the 12" is called KINGDOM and features the following tracks: Airforce Trainer, Batwingy, Alpine Song, Sleep In The Shower, Pulling Cars and Carnivore

a.P.A.t.T. are a collective formed in Liverpool in 1998 and are pretty much impossible to classify! United by their branded nurses' outfits, but performing with everything from 2 to 7 members and going through a constant evolution of hardware and software changes, the group fuses mathy, synth-led moments with almost Klezmery freak-outs rendered in accordion, strings, brass and piano. Think the missing link between The Locust, Danielson Famile and A Hawk and A Hacksaw and you may be getting close! Their side of the 12" is called PAUL THE RECOD and features the following tracks: The Village Idiot, Candlelight, 10 Downing Street, Taxi Driver, I Fucking Hate Tamla Motown, Everybody's Talkin' and Maggot Fairy

The record is available now in shops around the world specialising in music and it is also available now online through itunes, boomkat, emusic etc... BUT most importantly it's...




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