Friday, 12 November 2010

High Times

You know how it goes you finally upload those photos from your phone and you have a surprising amount of candid moments you can't resist sharing!
Hope you enjoy these,

Trash Kit as pixels at The Ex show!

Woom find wildlife for a photoshoot, does this look like a proposal?

William Cashion (Future Islands) in the studio accompanied by the lip hamster!

John Maus gets theoretical about the soundtrack to Predator (dry shoulders at least!)
Dean and Randy (Staring Problem, No Age) getting their Dial House on
Daniel (Oneohtrix) and Jan (Tomutonntu) in potentially problematic north of the border tour outfits
Freddy (Former Ghosts), Jherek and Zac (Parenthetical Girls) did put Elizabeth on the guestlist

Robby Bee (High Places) has a epiphany about becoming a gun slinger
Seth (Hunx) and lil' Larkin both like hugs
No Kids drink Buckfast like there's no tonight, let alone tomorrow

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