Monday, 17 January 2011

KIT - "Ambrosia" VIDEO

Kit "Ambrosia" from who ate my teeth? on Vimeo.

Yes! The new video for pop wave thrashers KIT just premiered on Fader. Headbanging from dawn to dusk with Josh Taylor and his long hair family - featuring sloppy toothpaste, KIT bouncing off the walls, a George Chen mask, in-store CCTV mosh and a nice relaxing bedroom story. Such thrills cheer us on the so-called "glummest day of the year", let the Californian sun blast through! "Ambrosia" is one of our favourite tracks from their UTR album entitled 'Invocation' released late last year!

KIT will be playing in London at The Lexington on Tuesday 22nd March, watch this space for more Euro dates which are hatching as we write this!


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