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It’s that time of the year for YES WAY to jump back in its saddle! Taking place between August 12-14, YES WAY is a London-based three day festival intent on celebrating the UK's best and brightest independent art and music.

After the success of last two year's sold out events, YES WAY 3 will see 45 bands, representing the length and breadth of the British Isles, perform over two stages this time at Peckham art hub The Bussey Building, previously used by UTR for their Spaghetti Tree festival in April to great success. We’ll have our usual DIY swapshop / record store, tasty local and Vegan food, now supplemented by the Bussey Building’s rooftop bar-BQ too.

YES WAY has been a real turning point for the UK’s underground music scene. The emphasis of the festival is on exposing under the radar gems from around the UK, uniting musicians from disparate genres and local scenes, helping to foster a sense of community and enthusiasm amongst them and fans of the music. The fact that only four of the acts this year played at last year’s event speaks volumes for the on-going fertility of that burgeoning community.

Over the course of the three days the following bands will be appearing at YES WAY:


PLEASE – Restless and wayward psych-garage stomp

DIVORCE – Thrilling, breakneck splatter rawk from Glasgow

SPIN SPIN THE DOGS – Absurdist, rambling, narrative-heavy post punk

TROGONS – Quasi medieval, trouble prog from London

SILVER FOX – Heartbreak heavy dream team from Newcastle

EAGULLS – Raging, council flat hardcore from Leeds

BEN BUTLER & MOUSEPAD - Miraculously wonky, addictive synth funk


YOLA FATOUSH – Tribal math, vocal doubling trip outs

MR PEPPERMINT – Masked and malevolent Glaswegian noise rockers

LET’S WRESTLE – Super catchy masterminds of the lo-finest suburban pop

BLACK ABBA – Occult and darkly uncanny doom supergroup

BAD ORB – Lopsided tape fog vs backwards hex from Brighton

WAY THROUGH – Wrong-footed haunted pastoral punk

WARM BRAINS – Wiry and swoonsome popcore from London

BEAR MAN – Cardiff’s freedom psych monoliths

PEEPHOLES – Soaring, reverb-cloaked synth and drum epics

GROSS MAGIC – Vivid, glitter-grunge pop vibes from Brighton

YUGOSLAVIAN BOYS – Leeds’ unruly and unhinged new wave oddballs

SATURDAY’S KIDS – Primal, sprawling, savage rock from South Wales

SEX HANDS – Manchester’s fuzzed-out clang, bang and twang gang

HORSES – Brash and trashy garage two-piece from Manchester

LEFT LEG – Radical, post-yelping art punk

FEAR OF MEN – Memory jangle and emotional tangle

GENTLE FRIENDLY – Smart and primed rainbow noise


TENSE MEN – Spectral yet motorik herky jerks

WASKERLEY WAY – Trippy junked loops and nature step from Newcastle

LA LA VASQUEZ - Hyper melodic scrappy surf-pop trio

THE BOMBER JACKETS – Fresh-faced funk-glooping mundanity observers

PRIZE PETS – Nottingham brings forth mangled riffage and creeped-out vocal plots

THROWING UP – 2011, the year that puke broke

HOOKWORMS – Wah-wrangling swampedelic unit from Leeds

SLUSHY GUTS – Quietly spun and somewhat spooked cabin emo

FLAMINGODS – Casio-gamelan shambolism pact

PROPER ORNAMENTS – Hushed and honeyed dream town harmonies

BASTARD SWORD – Autotuners of the planet sinewave unite!

PATRICK KELLEHER & HIS COLD DEAD HANDS – Dublin’s fantasy hypno-balladeer

ANGUISH SANDWICH – Frazzled, chugaholic garage from Northampton

ELECTRICITY IN OUR HOMES – Sprightly, kilter offsetting feral melody chasers

SAUNA YOUTH – Pulse grabbing racket from mic-throwing chaos cloud

MARIA & THE MIRRORS – Industrial paradise drums and tropical electronics

This year our past collaborator Auto-Italia South East are unable to be involved as they are concentrating on setting up their exciting new space. Check it out here:


We wish them well as always


Tickets for all three days are available through We Got Tickets here:


The Bussey Building is situated at 133 Rye Lane, Peckham Rye, SE15 4ST

OVERLAND: Peckham Rye

BUS: 12, 78, 37, 63, 343


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