Monday, 22 August 2011

KIT - OUT OF RUINS video!!!

KIT "Out of Ruins" music video from Steven Andrew Garcia on Vimeo.

Yeh, here's a new video for KIT's song 'Out Of Ruins', taken from their recent album 'Invocation' on Upset The Rhythm.

The 16mm film captures a Predator-masked kid with a guitar-smashing complex trailing around Los Angeles fulfilling his primal urge to destroy. We think it looks insane and wonderful so wanted to share it with you, look out for Jim Smith on the telephone too, "hello!"

Steven Andrew Garcia is a director/photographer in Los Angeles, California. He has directed music videos for bands including Mika Miko and Blackblack and has shot videos for bands including UTR pals Male Bonding and Former Ghosts.

More videos & photos by Steven Andrew Garcia can be seen at Stalagmite.TV


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