Monday, 12 December 2011

PEEPHOLES - 'Caligula' OUT TODAY / New MP3

Today sees the release of our new record from PEEPHOLES! It's an epic mini-album of throbbing synth, heavy drum workouts and vocal swirling par excellence, in short extremely required listening; one of our best records yet! Check out closing track 'Picture The World In Signs' below!!


PEEPHOLES are Katia Barrett (drums, vocals) and Nick Carlisle (keyboards). The Brighton / London duo formed in 2006 after bonding over a Chinese violin and the quietest of music. Pretty soon they turned the volume up and hit on their winning strategy of soaring, stammering synth lines, tribalised drumming and low-slung vocals. Walking a tightrope between underground punk and dance music, Peepholes write cloaked anthems as likely to open celestial gates with keys of repetition as to soundtrack a slow motion fairground accident. Their sound is otherworldly, aching with wild beats, echoing with cavernous atmospheres.

PEEPHOLES - Picture The World In Signs by Upset the Rhythm

Decidedly more motorik than the other tracks, 'Picture The World In Signs' finds relish in its unrelenting groove, allowing Kat to pitch plunge her vocal amongst the folds of psychedelic keyboard warmth. Like a resurgent memory, halfway through, the song recalls another direction, drowning in static waves, crushed drums and weird electronic parallels. The track reaches another plain, a new level higher than before, an evolving consciousness which is so true of Peepholes in general and this new record especially.

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