Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The Pheromoans - I'm A You Know What

Everyone's favourite alternative rock band from the South East of England are returning to the forefront! That's right, we're happy to shout across the rooftops that we're working with THE PHEROMOANS on their new album! You can see them above, like arable highwaymen hauling their best songs over the hill. We've been fans of the band's no-hinge approach to rock pomp performance and Russell's exacting lyrics for ages so we're very pleased to share with you this opening salvo / free mp3...

The rollicking 'I'm A You Know What' is the first track to break away from their leap-and-bound of a record called 'Does This Guy Stack Up?' released on August 20th through Upset The Rhythm. We're also announcing today the full tracklisting and album art featuring a wassailing dragon of some sort! Look out below...

The Pheromoans
"Does This Guy Stack Up?"

01. The Final Sugar Rush
02. I'm A You-Know-What
03. Don't Mention It
04. A Freak's Xmas
05. Power Watch
06. Waterworld
07. "баланс"
08. Grab A Chair
09. Deport Little John
10. Old Lord Fauntleroy
11. Deck Waltz
12. Moth On The Mend

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