Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Upset The Rhythm presents...

Wednesday 18 July
XOYO, 32 Cowper St, Shoreditch, EC2A 4AW
8pm | £9.00 |

NITE JEWEL aka California native Ramona Gonzalez first began her transcendent minimalist dance-pop escapades in the privacy of her own home in Los Angeles with the aid of her multitrack cassette recorder. She very quickly developed her own unique sound, taking inspiration from European experimental electronic music and U.S. R&B pop, and began performing live in the L.A. area under the moniker Nite Jewel. Since the release of Nite Jewel's mesmerizing 2008 debut 'Good Evening', Ramona and her group have honed their lounge-pop-R&B craft across releases from Italians Do It Better, Mexican Summer and Human Ear, which collectively lead to a wealth of refinement and bold directness in both singing and songwriting. On new album 'One Second Of Love' you'll find a re-imagination of Golden-era R&B pop; future-classic sounds alongside vocal sultriness. If Nite Jewel's earlier work brought to mind the likes of Lisa Lisa or Debbie Deb on quaaludes, this new body of work may conjure up clearer images of Sade, Eurythmics-era Annie Lennox and Tracy Thorn. Produced with longtime collaborator Cole MGN (The Samps, Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti), the entire affair is pure, confident, singular-but-intricate and delightfully sophisticated. Nite Jewel's evolution of fidelity and nuance comes to a head with the release of One Second of Love, available now on Secretly Canadian.

MAGIC EYE are a quartet from Edinburgh who create glistening interlocking guitar parts (guitar players Alex and Bek are in total synchronicity), taking their melodies to new heavenly heights and letting each line swim through the track. The shimmering guitar parts brilliantly compliment Roma's bewitching warm-summer-night vocal, reminiscent of Julee Cruise imploring you to "tell your heart that I'm the one..." while all the while Francis holds things in orbit with his sparse, smart, direct beats that echo crisply and cooly throughout Magic Eye's fresh sonic space. The band's 'Shreddin' on Heaven's Floor' cassette album is available now through Animal Images.

NICHOLAS KRGOVICH is a 29 year-old Vancouver-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist best known for his work with NO KIDS, GIGI, P:ANO and MOUNT EERIE. He has been releasing records under various monikers since P:ANO’s acclaimed chamber pop debut “When It’s Dark And It’s Summer” in 2002, which has led to his work with the girl group inspired GIGI, the icy displacement of the r’n’b informed NO KIDS and most recently to the singular pop dreams released under his full legal name NICHOLAS KRGOVICH. Even though the material is often wildly diverse there is a unmistakable sense of Krgovich’s deep commitment to exploring the endless possibilities of pop, a discerning ear for sonic detail and quite often an ambition that wilfully borders on the absurd. With songs that owe as much to the Great American Songbook as to perennial favourites like Sade, Prefab Sprout and The Blue Nile, Krgovich has been spinning rich compositions out of obsessions with Old Hollywood grandeur and Mullholland Drive-style mystery, which create a dreamland where palm trees cast impossibly long shadows, courtyard swimming pools glow at night, and washed-up movie stars haunt the streets looking for love. With a musical universe comprised of intricate vocal melodies, lush orchestrals, layers of analog synths, slinky funk guitars and tight rhythms of both the human and inhuman variety, Krgovich has been busy putting the finishing touches on his upcoming solo debut LP due later this year.

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