Wednesday, 2 January 2013

First show of 2013!!!

Upset The Rhythm presents...

Monday 14 January
Birthdays, 33-35 Stoke Newington Road, Dalston, N16 8BJ
8pm | £8.00 |

PETE SWANSON is a New York-based musician, once a member of the exhilarating noise duo Yellow Swans, he’s been making plenty of solo music since they disbanded in 2008. Straddling a line between free guitar noise and singed electronics, Swanson's recent album on Type, ‘Man With Potential’, shows that Pete now lives in a techno multiverse, where the dank pulsing soundscapes that helped birth his old band have only got wilder. Whilst Yellow Swans used pulses to underpin their cascading white noise, Swanson puts the chattering 140bpm percussion at center stage, not least on the album’s opening track, charmingly titled ‘Misery Beat’. Setting the stage for the music to follow, we are thrown into chattering synthesized squeals and dense kick drums before being smacked around the head with the kind of slippery noise lead we’ve not heard since ‘Going Places’. This is Birmingham techno filtered through the mists of the Pacific Northwest, and all the better for it! Elsewhere ‘Remote View’ explores a more downtempo sound; coming across like post apocalyptic house music as heard from a club bathroom. With ‘Man With Potential’ and it's follow up EP 'Pro Style', Pete Swanson has crafted his most defining statements to date; a blistering collection of contemporary club music with a deafening noise twist. It might not be easy listening, but who said life had to be easy?

MARK FELL operates uncompromisingly on the bleeding edge of digital music production. He's in possession of a beautifully rare talent; the ability to make highly academic music with an innately, dare we say, accessible edge. He himself and many others may not agree, but there's something so listenable to his rhythmically-driven and melodically aware style that we can't help but hear him in that context. As half of the seriously goalpost moving SND, and more recently responsible for the unspooled but strangely disciplined house productions on Editions Mego's Sensate Focus 12" series, one might've guessed that the Sheffield-based artist was responsible, given his prior form deconstructing garage and techno. It's Fell's digital synthesis where the real magic lies. The dreamy melodies and uncanny repetitions, not to mention the sheer unctuousness of the sounds employed lend him a sonic topology of his very own that well worth losing yourself in. Mark Fell has records available now through Editions Mego, Raster-Noton, Line and Hobby Industries.

RAIME (DJ set) are Joe Andrews and Tom Halstead, an enigmatic London-based duo seeking to re-establish electronic composition as a physical and emotionally inquisitive force. Their debut album, 'Quarter Turns Over A Living Line' was released on sharp London label Blackest Ever Black last November to rave reviews, and this show sees them DJing throughout the evening.

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