Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Upcoming shows for OBNOX and PEGA MONSTRO!

Morning everyone!
I trust you’re keeping well as we continue our European in the van with VEXX. Copenhagen today, thank you Hanover! Everything has been going very well as we enter the final week of tour. The gods have decreed that wifi shall be laid upon us and so here’s a quick reminder about our next two events. Café OTO is where we will be heading next Wednesday for an impulsive and somewhat explosive performance from OBNOX, who takes blown out garage punk as a starting point for his frenetic call and response rap songs. Totally convinced this will be one of those force-of-nature shows and we’re lucky enough to have the ever-dazzling BLACK TIME in support too. Our other upcoming party will take place on August 15th and sees PEGA MONSTRO, who have an excellent new album out on Upset The Rhythm soon, head over from Lisbon to team up with SACRED PAWS and ALISTAIR MCKAY (from DICKDIVER) at the Dalston Victoria, another remarkable lineup I hope you agree. Read on for everything you need to know, in-depth if you will…

\\\\\    NEXT WEDNESDAY    /////

Wednesday 29 July
In collaboration with Café OTO, 22 Ashwin Street, Dalston, E8 3DL
8pm | £10 |

OBNOX, aka Lamont "BIM" Thomas – is a multi-instrumentalist artist, songwriter and vocalist from Cleveland (formerly of the Bassholes) making his London debut in support of the release of new album, ‘Know America’. Drawing inspiration from a multitude of sources – from Pere Ubu to Death of Samantha, through psyche, soul and hip-hop – Obnox is first and foremost powerful and furious punk-rock. His music is alive in a way few records are these days – complex, emotional, and political in a way that resists sloganeering and cuts to the quick of what matters. Thomas knows the value of head-down rock action, but he also knows how to layer that with something more complex. Most of the 15 tracks from his new record are miles-deep sonically, with guitars piled high, beats thickened into gunshots, and vocals that morph hip-hop fire with punk frenzy. Blink and you might miss the twists and turns, as Thomas dives into sultry noise-R&B ("Situation"), stoner grunge ("Protopipe"), rap-metal ("Watching You"), organ-driven '60s rock ("Empire"), and even a demolishing cover of "Ohio" that beats Neil Young at his own guitar-growl game. Obnox is as subtle as it is pummelling. His business is all about charging forward, but his art is about more than just the moment. This will be a real exhilarating show that much is certain!

BLACK TIME are bringing the ”heavy vampire sound” back! Black Time lives on forever in the heavenly garage. Tangles of wires and old drum machines plugged into buzzing amplifiers, burning funeral pyre of 60’s catalogue guitars. They’re living dead corpses going through rock & roll motions, faded out echos of Lemmy Caution’s foggy notions. Black Time's 4th full length called "Aerial Gobs of Love" is out now on Förbjudna Ljud. Bad vibes rarely sound this good!

\\\\\    SATURDAY 15 AUGUST    /////

Saturday 15 August
The Victoria, 451 Queensbridge Rd, Dalston, E8 3AS
8pm | £6 |

PEGA MONSTRO are sisters Júlia Reis (drums) and Maria Reis (guitar, keyboard), both sing! Born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal, Maria and Júlia have been playing music together since they were 15 and 17 respectively, in other groups first before resolving on becoming a duo. Back in 2010, both sisters started a record label, along with some of their musician friends, called Cafetra Records to document Portugal’s garage punk scene. Cafetra represents a community of like-minded musicians who all help each other, making music that they’d want to hear, powered by enthusiasm. 2012 saw Pega Monstro release their self-titled debut album, making for a raucous record that met with critical national acclaim. Now Pega Monstro have a new album ready for Upset The Rhythm entitled ‘Alfarroba’ and released this month. The name of this second album, it’s title meaning ‘carob’, after the sweet tasting bean that grows in the wild trees that spontaneously spring up along the Mediterranean coast. Maria explains further, “In Portugal there are a lot of carob trees in the Algarve and our mother's side of the family is from there, we spent every summer there as children. The scent is unlike any other. So apart from the phonetic appeal of the word, ‘Alfarroba’ is also a homage to that heritage”. The songs on ‘Alfarroba’ deal with many themes, some universal topics like love and growing up, others focusing on the nature of writing songs themselves, whilst some try to make sense of the world from a female perspective. Expect torrents of energy, snare rolls triggering flights of guitar, and fogs of cymbal shimmer forming steps for their vocals to climb.

SACRED PAWS are a fantastic, intuitive dream punk duo, comprising Eilidh of Golden Grrls and Skeleton Bob on drums, and Rachel from Trash Kit and Shopping on guitar. Raw Soweto high-life riffs and rolling Afrobeat grooves are filtered through post-punk sass and ramshackle K Records charm. It’s an utterly joyous sound, the duo trading giddy melodies and righteous chants over febrile rhythms and chunky, infectious riffage. Rock Action released the band’s debut EP earlier this Spring, go check it out!

ALISTAIR MCKAY from Melbourne, now living in London, plays guitar and sings in Australia’s deep pop thinkers Dick Diver. Dick Diver’s brand new album ‘Melbourne, Florida’ (Chapter Music / Trouble In Mind) pays tribute to Jim Morrison, Kylie, confused travellers, high school quiz nights and much more, all in the space of 12 very beautiful pop songs. For this show Al will performing a rare solo set on guitar and vocals.

Thank you very much for reading and hopefully catch you soon!

\\\\\  UPSET THE RHYTHM   /////
/////  UPCOMING    SHOWS   \\\\\

Wednesday 29 July
Café OTO, 22 Ashwin Street, Dalston, E8 3DL
8pm | £10 |

Saturday 15 August
The Victoria, 451 Queensbridge Rd, Dalston, E8 3AS
8pm | £6 |

Tuesday 25 August
Tufnell Park Dome, 2A Dartmouth Park Hill, Tufnell Park, NW5 1HL
7.30pm | £12 |

Friday 4 September
Heaven, The Arches, Villiers Street, Charing Cross, WC2N 6NG
7pm - 10pm | £14 |


Thursday 10 September
St Pancras Old Church, Pancras Road, King's Cross, NW1 1UL
7.30pm | £8 |  

Monday 14 September
Tufnell Park Dome, 2A Dartmouth Park Hill, Tufnell Park, NW5 1HL
7.30pm | £15 |

Wednesday 16 September
Old Blue Last, 38 Great Eastern St, Shoreditch, EC2A 3ES
8pm | £8 |

Thursday 17 September
Montague Arms, 289 Queen's Rd, New Cross Gate, SE14 2PA

Saturday 19 September
St Giles In The Fields, 60 St Giles High Street, Covent Garden, WC2H 8LG

Coin Coin Chapter Three
Tuesday 6 October
OSLO, 1a Amhurst Road, Hackney Central, E8 1LL

Saturday 24 October
The Lexington, 96-98 Pentonville Rd, Angel, N1 9JB

Tuesday 17 November
Scala, 275 Pentonville Road, King´s Cross, London, N1 9NL

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