Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Upset The Rhythm double date at DIY Space For London!

Upset The Rhythm presents two back-to-back days of music in celebration of the DIY Space For London opening this month!



Thursday 24 September
DIY Space For London, Unit 1, 96-101 Ormside St, South Bermondsey, SE15 1TF
8pm | £5 Members & Guests | Tickets on the door, become a member of DIYSFL here: http://diyspaceforlondon.org/

PC WORSHIP is a band, solo project & collective of musicians, trimming steadily on the outskirts of punk, while enlisting methods of new music and free improvisation. For five years they’ve been the sort of amorphous New York ensemble that can only be defined by a series of question marks. Is this an improv noise group? A "mutant soul band"? A casual experiment in home-recording? If so, why is their loft called Le Wallet? Did they really all meet as New School jazz majors? Is it true they build their own instruments? And why is one called "the shitar"? PC Worship is, in essence, a twisted, low-pitched vision of subterranean psychedelia—variously made of bad-moonlit trash-punk, droning minimalism, prepared pianos, and Albert Ayler-worshipping sax freak-outs—as imagined by one Justin Frye, who handled vocals, guitars, tape manipulations, and keys as the writer, recorder, and producer of their latest behemoth, ‘Social Rust’ (Northern Spy / Dull Tools). Frye has played back-up for experimental synth-cyborg Gary War as well as Baltimore weirdos Teeth Mountain, both of which offer only a surface idea of PC Worship's frayed, pummelling avant-gardism. Music is everywhere, and the expanses are chaotic, and understanding the cacophony of sound (and life) is futile. Now, though, freaks of all-ages and places can hear ‘Social Rust’ and feel that giddy sense of hope crawling in their skin because these out-sounds are being twisted from someplace new.

HOUSEWIVES tangle guitar, drums and layers of vocals to delirious effect, creating vast webs of rhythmic pulse-and-slap. Unfolding like a never-ending map, their songs creep out of chaos into urgent bursts of energy and loud focus.Born out of the influence of composers such as Steve Reich and Philip Glass, dosed up with no/new wave, and dragged through Cecil Taylor backwards, Housewives build a hypnotic wall of sound from the simplest elements. Look out for the band’s forthcoming LP, following on from their sold out cassette tape on Faux Discx.

TAR POOLING used to be called Rabbit Milk, but in late 2014 a tragedy struck. You know that sludge from the end of 'Oliver!' that Fagin drops his jewellery and coins into? All his instruments fell into that. It was very disastrous. However he had a drum machine fortunately left thankfully and so was still able to make some kind of songs by singing over the top, these are the results.



Friday 25 September
DIY Space For London, Unit 1, 96-101 Ormside St, South Bermondsey, SE15 1TF
8pm | £5 Members & Guests | Tickets on the door, become a member of DIYSFL here: http://diyspaceforlondon.org/

TROPICAL TRASH hailing from Louisville, Kentucky, make loud, abrasive sludge-punk that descends from the sky straight into your brain stem. Their songs are executed as short, sharp bursts of fury, each is dipped in a hot vat of tar and seared until they form a gnarled crust.Percussion refuses to do anything but stampede forward, backed by thick, buzzing bass and the weight of hook-heavy guitar slime. Vocals are spewed out as raspy, spit-drenched growls, all stirred together to create this fuming pile of garbage that’s already doused in gasoline and ready to explode into a roaring fire. After releasing a pair of awesome 7 inch records and a few appearances on cassette, the band finally come together for their official debut album, 'UFO Rot' released here in UK/Europe via Riot Season and in the states via Load Records.

PERSPEX FLESH are from Leeds, writing unhinged and abstract hardcore punk that carries on the legacy of bands such as Rudimentary Peni through to Cold Sweat of creating an all-encompassing feeling of claustrophobia through their music. Featuring members of Broken Arm and The Flex, Perspex Flesh focus on the ugly, nihilistic, and uncompromising, with their live show leaving you breathless. Check out their recent crop of releases on Static Shock Records now!

APOSTILLE is the recording and performing project of Night School head honcho Michael Kasparis (also of Please and The Lowest Form). Having started as a home-damaged pop music, Apostille has grown into a live-wire synth punk prospect that bridges physicality with emotive bleed. Insistent flickering beats hold down a sturdy framework for Kasparis' clouds of echoed vocals and synth cluster quests. Sometimes Michael's voice soars above the music, hanging their like an apparition, other times the cloaked notes surge forwards, bouncing between distorted handclaps, wonky basslines and oblique incantations to deliriously wondrous effect. Apostille’s debut album ‘Powerless’ was released last year through Night School records, and it is essential listening.

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