Thursday, 12 May 2016

Brand new shows announced for Chris Cohen and Colin Self!!!

Upset The Rhythm presents…

Thursday 16 June
Courtyard Theatre, Bowling Green Walk, 40 Pitfield Street, Shoreditch, N1 6U

Colin Self utilises the voice, the body and computer software in his practise to open up a highly distinctive space that challenges the boundaries between human consciousness and technology. His music explores the transformative power of the human voice drawing on a diverse set of influences that include queer theory, liturgical ritual, trap rhythms and electro-acoustic sound design. He is known for his highly charged, physical performances that combine his vocal virtuosity with choreographed movement and electronic processing, unfolding into a compelling play of transmutation.

Elation is the debut solo release from Colin Self. The album is comprised of music from The Elation Series, a six-part opera demonstrating themes of transformation and global consciousness. He has performed in galleries worldwide, from the global queer underground to contemporary art galleries such as PS1 MoMA and Issue Project Room. He is also a close collaborator of Holly Herndon, contributing vocals/production on her latest record ‘Platform’ as well as being a member of her new live set up.

Upset The Rhythm presents…

Monday 5 September
Cafe OTO, 22 Ashwin Street, Dalston, E8 3DL

Chris Cohen is a native of Los Angeles currently residing in the farmlands of Vermont. He is the child of a former music business executive and a former Broadway actress. His resumé of prior musical projects is a long one: as a contributing member of The Curtains, Cryptacize, Deerhoof, and Natural Dreamers, he released 10 full-length albums between 2002 and 2008. Along the way, Cohen was also a touring player with White Magic, Cass McCombs, Haunted Graffiti and Danielson, among others, for stints both short and long. All of this culminated in his first release under his own name, and his first for Captured Tracks, 'Overgrown Path'. A singing drummer who writes psychedelic pop music, Cohen also records his own bass, Casio MT65, piano, and guitar. Tracks like “Caller No. 99″ and “Monad” follow idiosyncratic forms, but are still melodic in an unconventional and homegrown way – like the best of Robert Wyatt, Mayo Thompson, Syd Barrett, and Jerry Garcia. 'Overgrown Path' unfolded its delicate and unexpected arrangements around Cohen’s relaxed baritone, unhurriedly revealing the detailed world wrapped up in each song. ‘As If Apart’, the long-awaited sequel to Chris Cohen’s 2012 soft psych garden of unearthly alter-pop, follows on from its predecessor with another bittersweet ensemble of dreamy, complex songs. Pushing the idiosyncrasies of Cohen's melodic and rhythmic approach into even more fractured, shifting spaces, ‘As if Apart’ unsettles lazy pop conventions, upending jaded heads and hearts with an expansive, moody psychedelia.


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