Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Cian Nugent show announced for next February, yes!

Upset The Rhythm presents…


Saturday 11 February
The Islington, 1 Tolpuddle Street, Angel, N1 0XT
7.30pm | £7 |

CIAN NUGENT is a mercurial guitar player and composer from Dublin, Ireland. Cian combines personal passions, such as suburban/coastal blues, traditional musics, late 1960s-'70s singer-songwriters, jazz ambitions, 20th century composition and the Takoma school into a deeply personal style. New album, ‘Night Fiction’ is Cian Nugent's third album but his first taking on the role of singer-songwriter. Where his previous two albums: 2013's ‘Born With The Caul’ and 2011's ‘Doubles’ saw him exploring extended guitar based instrumentals with his band, The Cosmos, here he has reigned things in and focused his songwriting skills. Guitar fans, do not fear, there is still plenty of soloing and fingerpicking here. With 7 songs both solo and with his band, this album amalgamates everything Cian has done up to this point and reveals a more broad palate of influences, including The Velvet Underground, Richard Thompson, Television, Neil Young, John Lennon, Fred Neil, etc. Cian will perform this show as a trio showcasing lots of songs from his recent album,‘Night Fiction’, out now on Woodsist.

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