Monday, 21 December 2020

Xmas competition winner announced!

The winner of our Xmas competition is Andrew Wilson for this sterling UTR pun-marathon year review (see below)! Honourable mentions to Saunativity Youth, Terry Christmas Everybody and Trash Kit’s a Wonderful Life, you lot are TOO FUNNY! Thank you to everyone for taking part!

YIKES, well that all went T.I.T.S. up.

THE WORLD in lockdown and MONOTONY has meant that all plans have gone KAPUTT. Nothing much to do other than to MUNCH MUNCH  on lockdown snacks and dream of FUTURE ISLAND travels.

There have been NO lockdown BABIES to report on although my NAKED ROOMMATE did end up with a SOILED MATRESS AND THE SPRINGS - less said the better!

At least Upset the Rhythm have kept us entertained with a VINTAGE CROP of new bands and music.

So, as we reach this festive time PLEASE remember your HYGIENE, don't feed the DOG CHOCOLATE, put on your festive GOWNS and HALO HALOs and head to CLECKHUDDERSFAX you LUCKY DRAGONS!

Have a good Christmas, and a better music filled 2021!

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