Friday, 31 October 2008


Hello again! Future Islands, perhaps the greatest gate keepers of the heart (see 'Wave Like Home' / UTR023), have joined forces with the one and only Ed Schrader to craft a special Halloween podcast for Caff/Flick records. LISTENER BEWARE as they open all the cans of Baltimore fright stew before inhaling the Wham City nightmare - GET SPOOKED!



1. Ed Schrader "Time to Die pt. 1"
2. OCDJ "Woopash"
3. Nuclear Power Pants "Bubble Bath"
4. The Creepers "Adult Woman"
5. Ed Schrader "Time to Die pt. 2"
6. Adventure "Life Guard"
7. Bird Names "The Tailors' Revolt"
8. Jana Hunter "Babies"
9. Timebox "Beggin'"
10. Ed Schrader "Time to Die pt. 3"
11. Beach House "Used to Be"
12. Art Lord & the Self-Portraits "Pineapple Smiles"
13. The Killer Whales "Silvermine"
14. Ed Schrader "I Think I'm a Ghost"
15. Hector Zazou "Symphony of Ghosts"
16. Ed Schrader "Time to Die pt. 4"
17. Double Dagger "We Are The Ones (live on WMUC)"
18. Moss of Aura "Reverend"
19. Ed Schrader "Time to Die pt. 5"
20. Lonnie Walker "Bouncing Away"
21. Paleo "Life After Life"
22. Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez "Mostly a Friend"
23. Naps "Thirty-Five"
24. Ed Schrader "Time to Die pt. 6"
25. Videohippos "Happy Creek"
26. The Texas Governor "Air Bugs"
27. Dan Deacon "Pink Batman"
28. Height "Code of Love"
29. Ed Schrader "Time to Die pt. 7"
30. Javelin
31. Teeth Mountain "Kill and Eat"
32. Ed Schrader "Time to Die pt. 8"
33. Blood Baby "Paint the Bush"
34. EAR PWR "Taco Boat"
35. Ed Schrader "Time to Die pt. 9"
36. Jermaine Jackson & Pia Zadora "When the Rain Begins to Fall"

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MultipliedByRevelry said...

Whilst a'wandering through back alleys recently, following a little known short-cut to the heart of the colour-bellied capital, I met this conquistador and he was all 'listen blood, get them ears of yours endeared to this source of sounds, it'll send your soul sideaways and allaround, swirling heart style'. It turns out the hot tip was indeed hot. Them islands certainly do cultivate great things in the infernal toil and internal soil of my soul, and, greatly and rarely, they have left me rather wordless to pinpoint what is the essence of hte attraction.good thing suppose, after all, as that conquistador also told me, 'the intellectual violence charateristic of our culture is assination by classification', or 'one annhilates what one names', and with that his head was cocked back, as he and his sword swished and slashed down the shadowy passage, humming highminded harumph as he went