Tuesday, 14 October 2008


Tomorrow (Wednesday 15th October) sees the official start of the annual mania that is Frieze Art Fair, a total overdose of international modern art in a very large tent in Regent's Park, and an excuse for the London art world to show off its plumage.

There is always a space at the fair devoted to talks about various weighty issues, and this year, UTR have been invited to participate in a panel discussion entitled "Is the Underground Over?". You might already guess what our feelings are about this just by our very existence, but here is the official blurb:

"A conversation chaired by music critic Simon Reynolds will examine how the notion of subculture has become outmoded through the overexposure afforded by the internet and the media’s rapid assimilation of the marginal. This panel also surveys the past, present and future of unpopular culture and explores the possibility of alternatives to ‘alternative’.

  • Chair: Simon Reynolds (Music critic)
  • Cosey Fanni Tutti (Artist)
  • Penny Martin (Rootstein Hopkins Chair of Fashion Imagery, London College of Fashion)
  • Claire Titley (Music Promoter, ‘Upset the Rhythm’) "
The talk talks place at 12pm, Sunday 19 October 2008, and art fair ticket holders can gain free access to talks. I hope to see some of you there! Any comments or suggestions would of course be welcomed! claire x

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T said...

hello, is there any documentation of this discussion? Video, transcription, etc? Thanks.