Thursday, 27 November 2008

Death Sentence Panda live in Paris!

We went to Paris last week and saw Death Sentence Panda in an awesome squat called La Miroiterie. Thank you to Guillaume who set the show up!
Death Sentence were amazing, as ever, and played to a really receptive crowd, who joined in with percussion duties at the end. Kim did a beautiful piece of crowd surfing, which was the closest to crowd gliding we'd ever seen. The band have been on tour in the continent over the last few weeks to promote the release of their new Insects Awaken record, available now on CD and FINALLY on vinyl from our webshop.
Here are a couple of videos for your perusal:

Also, happy thanksgiving to all our American readers!

ps. KIT singles, which feature no other than Mike Watt, are out now! Also, check the webshop for some great distro goodies which we've been collecting for you.

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