Saturday, 1 November 2008


First up, the video for "Water" by Hawnay Troof. The kids in this video are simply amazing, and the song rules. It is from the album "Islands of Ayle" which comes heavily recommended.


Secondly, this is the video for "Can I come over?" and "Quoting Poets" and "Kiss me on the bus" by Younger Lovers.


Younger Lovers are fronted by Brontez, of Gravy Train infamy. We've just been talking about when we last saw GT and we could only remember sleazy drunken dancing, which kind of says it all. But Younger Lovers take us back to tapes that came in the post from 1996 or 7 and for that reason alone they are amazing. The fact that these songs are complete scuzzy pop perfection is only the icing on a very gooey cake.

Finally, proof that in a mad world. with the economy eating itself, with radio presenters offending dominatrixes, and with the rain continuing to pour down on this sodden town, here is proof that there is a God (maybe). Yes, it's Nickelback being pelted by rocks.

That's all folks.

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