Thursday, 17 December 2009

Trash Kit - Trash Kit

YES, our favourite facepainted flagbearers have their new album done and awaiting 2010's friendly embrace. The self-titled debut will be released in late February and features a fantastic 17 songs. Vibrant green vinyl seems the order of the day and the artwork will also include a wall poster and a temporary TK tattoo, until then let me share with you the tracklisting and the cover artwork, prizes to anyone for guessing all the depicted characters correctly!

TRASH KIT – Trash Kit

01. Knock Yr Socks Off
02. Cadets
03. New Face
04. 50ft Woman
05. Pig Cat
06. Tattoo
07. Fillipino Song
08. Bugsy
09. Natascha
10. Sun Spots
11. Gorey
12. Chinese Boy
13. Bad Books
14. Trash Kit !!
15. Fame
16. Free Time
17. Wolfman