Tuesday, 19 January 2010


Our friend Gemma just finished her new fanzine called HOAXINE, it looks amazing, we just bagged a copy by going here (proceeds to Crisis too BTW):



Here's some contents to persuade you either way!! Tremendous!

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Welcome to the first Issue of Hoaxine. 60 pages in full black and white.

Please give generously to Crisis (suggested donation £2) as a thank you for your donation, you will recieve a copy of Hoaxine - Issue 1


Design A Wave - Interview - ARD
The Orbs - Tim Hill
Plug - Interview - GLF
Laurence Hyde - GLF
Jodorowsky's Dune - Phil Johnson
The Daughter of Zion left as a cottage in a vineyard - Vincent Larkin
An Interview with Mad Headed Octogram
Foot Village - Interview - GLF
Nectars Sting - Janet Abreu
The Garden City Utopia - ARD
Rock N Roll Conspiracies and Cover ups - Steven Belfrage
She was such a lovely child - Dan Fandango
The Jack of Clubs - Ronald Raydon foreword by GLF
Eunoch - GLF
Friddays and Greasy Spoons - Tim Hill
Please don't let go - Mark Jasper

Plus - The Human RACE centre page garage wall pin-up