Thursday, 14 January 2010


The lovely people of Brighton's 20 JAZZ FUNK GREATS blog asked us to do a New Year playlist for them. Here it is, with a bit of a commentary for the curious.

20 JAZZ FUNK GREATS mixtape available HERE


1. PLUG – Fresh Pleasures
After two excellent singles on Parlour Records, we're delighted that Plug are recording an album for UTR, possibly as I type.

2. BIRD NAMES – Natural Weeds
On tour now, look out Europe, they are keeping it loose and together!

3. HARTLEY C WHITE – Welcome Back To Reality
Future music informed by the cadences of martial arts and spoken word. What's not to like?

4. KIT – Cure Light Wounds
This is one of our favourite tracks from the immense new KIT album called "Invocation" which will be released on UTR and PPM in June.

5. US GIRLS – Red Ford Radio
New track from Meghan's forthcoming album on Siltbreeze. We've just finished booking a tour for her in February, so keep an eye out for dates.

6. COLD PUMAS – Peaches
From forthcoming UTR 7", hopefully out in March. Throwing down the motorik gaunlet.

7. TORO Y MOI – Fax Shadow
Great track from the new album on Carpark.

8. FORMER GHOSTS – Aria Of The Bell
One of the more haunting tracks which didn't fit on "Fleurs", available on the digital version of the record, with other bonus track "The Same Mistake".

9. NO BABIES – Tanuki (Mix 1)
This is an early mix from San Francisco's No Babies, recorded by Steve Touchton of KIT. We are looking forward to working with them on a future release.

10. TRASH KIT – Sun Spots
Exuberantly reflective track from the forthcoming self-titled LP on UTR. Catch them playing a show tonight, or tomorrow, or maybe the night after as they are busy busy busy right now!

11. THE STICKS – One And The Same
Apparently they comb their hair at the weekends. New album out now.

12. SANDCRABS – Mumble B. Peg

Fun chaotic song recorded by Baltimore bud Chester.

13. BRILLIANT COLORS – English Cities

A tenuous link here, as we're bringing them on tour this summer and yes, they'll be visiting English cities or as we call them, hamlets. Groan.

14. DARK MEAT – Yonderin’

Dark Meat rock. Nuff said.


This is a track from a new Not Not Fun 7", there's a London show in the pipeline, heads up.

16. GIRLS WITH ATTITUDE – Don’t Judge Me

We are all one happy family of friends.

17. WILD NOTHING – Live In Dreams
Smiths obsessed Jack Tatum, here with one of his best. Another future show to look out for you lucky Londoners.

18. LESLIE FLINT – Possessed by Oscar Wilde (Recorded in London 02.05.1957)

Hair raising versus hilarious.


Extra special thanks to Colin at Tatty Seaside Town for the brilliant show at Hector's House in Brighton last night. We very much enjoyed the sets from Cold Pumas, Trash Kit, The Sticks and Bird Names and had a lovely time in the DJ booth where we felt like we were inside a Punch and Judy show! (No sausages though, sadly).

REMEMBER - Bird Names on tour now!

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Joy often comes after sorrow, like morning after night...................................................