Thursday, 4 February 2010

NEW ADDITIONS to our webbe shoppe!

New month, new stuff in our webshop! We FINALLY have copies of FOOT VILLAGE's 'Anti-Magic' album available on LP (white vinyl, gatefold) and on cassette (limited to just 100 on Rock Is Hell). Plus we have copies of their Gilgongo collection 'Fuck The Future 2' available on CD too. Lucky people!

Also BIRD NAMES 'Sings The Browns' is now available through us on LP (black vinyl, printed inner sleeve), we scored some of their recent tour shirts for sale in the shop too, check out the pictures below for visual enticement and the website below for some free music, words, photos and of course our online store:


We have a new section in the shop selling our friend Deigo Mena's screenprinted UTR show posters too, they truly are things of beauty to behold and would look great on many a wall.
THANK you!

BIRD NAMES - 'Sings The Browns' LP

BIRD NAMES - 2010 T-shirts

FOOT VILLAGE - 'Anti-Magic' LP and 'Anti-Magic' TAPE

FOOT VILLAGE - 'Fuck The Future 2' CD

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