Friday, 5 February 2010


S T O L E N exhibition
Friday Feb 5th, 6pm - 9pm

Stolen Recordings present a collection of paintings, photographs, drawings, posters, prints, fanzines, sculpture, video, compact discs, vinyl, cassettes and t-shirts for one night only at:

L-13 Light Industrial Workshop
31 Eyre Street Hill
Clerkenwell, EC1R 5EW


Billy Childish
Steve Gullick
Mathew Sawyer
James Cauty
Harry Pye
Bron Jones (Eve Libertine)
Chaos vs Cosmos
Connan Mockasin
Geraldine Swayne// Faust
Cat Stevens
Pete and the Pirates// Jonny Sanders
Let's Wrestle// Wesley patrick Gonzalez
Wet Dog// Rivka Gilleron//Sarah Datblygu// Billy Easter
Billy Childish & Musicians Of The British Empire// Wolf Howard
Screaming Tea Party// Koichi Yamanoha// Nell Eu
Bo Ningen// kohhei Matsuda//Yuki Tsujii
Feeding Time// Jake McGowan
Upset The Rhythm// Diego Mena
This Is Music
My Sad Captains// Nick Goss// Phil Goss
Dave Mitchell (Ghost Club/ The 3D's)
J.P Buckle
Margarita Louca
Amelia Brække-Dyer
Rachael Robb
Laura Mardon
Leigh Curtis
Rebecca Miller
Deborah Rigby
Sophie Brown
Dignan Porch// Phillipa Bloomfield
Charlotte Procter
Milk//Andrew Collings
R.W.M. Hunt
Matthew Frame
Throwing Up In Comic Sans
Buttonhead// Ross Blake
Rohan Thomas//Breast
Dance Magic Dance// Laura Hernando
Private Trousers
Hot Silk Pockets// David Fairservice
Harry Adams
Germs Of Youth
Lee Triming
Sayaka Wagatsuma

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