Friday, 18 February 2011


April Fools' Day is an often maligned time of the year. Since the times of Chaucer the day has persisted in the unravelling of sanity, practical jokes and tomfoolery, even though nowadays we're lucky to notice a hoax in the papers before all fun is culled by noon.

This is why we have decided to celebrate the day in style, restoring the event to its anarchic origins with a 48 hour spectacle of fun and music taking place in Peckham Rye's old cricket bat factory, The Bussey Building.

The two day event is entitled Spaghetti Tree in homage to the 1957 Panorama broadcast which fooled the nation.

On Friday 1 April we're lucky enough to have US sonic eccentrics Dan Deacon and John Maus throwing down the gauntlet to the UK's finest keyboard-weirding acts including PLUG, Munch Munch and Design A Wave. After the revels we'll lead a procession into the darkness of the Rye in an attempt to see one of William Blake's childhood visions of an angel in a tree.

The next day things get blown further apart as logic continues to be defied, this time with No Age, Japanther, Ducktails, Ignatz, Please, Peepholes, Hygiene, Woolf, Smack Wizards and Eternal Fags all performing across the space's several rooms.

So yes, we're guaranteeing the most fun April Fools' Day ever, along with it's confused Saturday brother. Feeling hungry? Let's reap the Spaghetti grove!

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