Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Upset The Rhythm presents...

(Freddy Ruppert + Jamie Stewart)
Tuesday 8 March
Cargo, 83 Rivington Street, Shoreditch, EC2A 3AY
8pm | £8.00 |

FORMER GHOSTS is a synth-pop project from Freddy Ruppert. The band in recording mode is also comprised of Xiu Xiu's Jamie Stewart and Zola Jesus' Nika Roza Danilova, along with Yasmine Kittles from Tearist too. Ruppert is the lead songwriter on this brutally gloomy, effortlessly honest project. With their debut album 'Fleurs', the band created an album so intense that it can become hard to listen to. And we say this in an effort to compliment their ability to render the themes of the album - heartbreak, death, love, needing, wanting - so sonically accurate that they replicate those feelings in the listener. Album number two 'New Love' was released last November also on Upset The Rhythm and was very well received. The album deals with new love as a cure for the heartbreak and jealousy of the past, but a beginning to a new obsession - the search to replace the old love. For this show Freddy will be accompanied by Jamie Stewart for the entire "Fleurs-heavy" set.

TERROR BIRD hail from Vancouver, comprised of wife and husband duo Nikki Never and Jeremiah Haywood. Night-People teamed up with German label Adagio 830 to present their debut album 'Human Culture' last year; a masterpiece of heartfelt, haunted, ethereal pop music. Nikki’s piano and synth arrangements guide her voice full of feeling and beauty through layers of dark ambience that constantly break away into shinny spaces of hopeful abandon. Terror Bird also have a brand new hand-screened 7" available now through the wonderful Night School imprint.

POWERDOVE aka Annie Lewandowski was born and raised in the Midwest and now lives in England. Her first band, Emma Zunz, recorded their self-titled debut album for Tellous in 2006. She has also recorded with Hawnay Troof, The Curtains and Xiu Xiu, and toured the US and the UK as a member of The Curtains in 2006. As an improviser on the piano and accordion, Annie has recorded with Doublends Vert, Caroline Kraabel and the London Improviser's Orchestra, and has performed with Fred Frith, Sylvia Hallett, Jennifer Pike, John Edwards, John Butcher, Chris Cutler, Charles Hayward, the London Improviser's Orchestra and many more.

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