Saturday, 7 February 2015

Madalyn Merkey will make her UK debut on March 20th!

Upset The Rhythm presents…

Friday 20 March
The Lexington, 96-98 Pentonville Rd, Angel, N1 9JB
8pm | £6 |

MADALYN MERKEY makes spellbinding ambient/electro-acoustic music, flooded with exotic alien tones. As a student of the famous Mills College it’s understandable that her work is rooted in academic process and research, yet her new album ’Valley Girl’ (released on ‘New Images’) is also inspired by the agriculture and rolling landscapes of Madalyn’s native California. Using computer generated tones and sequences, she spreads out a unique topography of phase-modulated triangle waveforms and sine tones serrated into small atolls or peaks and interspersed with human traces of her processed, siren-like vocals redolent of some vintage Hawaiian exotica. The result is a minimal but super rich and vibrant sound field, one constantly in motion and quivering with lush harmonics that keep the ear tracing its ambisonic trajectories. In other words, it's hugely recommended for drifting off, far and away.

MEDDICINE aka Monika Krol is a post-punk synthesist who plays fractured noise pop over a backing track of industrial soundscapes. With jackhammer drum machine patterns nailing down synth blasts that alternate between pulsing, menacing to full-blown white noise, Meddicine is a one-woman sound howl conjuring up Suicide or even TG. Clattering and oscillating her way through old sounds and new, Meddicine produces some of the darkest, most-damaged and affecting analogue electronic music you are likely to hear on this planet or any other.

RATTLE are a drumming duo based in Nottingham and comprised of Theresa J Wrigley and Katharine Eira Brown. Both musicians also play drums for two other well respected bands, with Theresa in Fists and Katy in Kogumaza. Far from the hippy bongo nightmare one might imagine from a band made up of only two drummers, Rattle instead play minimalist rhythms that remain both hypnotic and danceable heavily thanks to the delicate vocal melodies which accompany their beats. Their sound recalls This Heat or ESG whilst remaining uniquely their own.

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