Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The Quietus just announced our forthcoming album by Sauna Youth!

Yes, June 8th sees Upset The Rhythm release Sauna Youth's new album 'Distractions'! You can read more about that and check out colossal new song 'Transmitters' over at The Quietus now. Here's the album art and tracklisting too!

Artist: Sauna Youth

Label: Upset The Rhythm
Catalogue Number: UTR071
Release Date: June 8th

Track listing:
01. End Loop
02. Transmitters
03. New Fear
04. Monotony
05. Cosmos Seeker
06. Modern Living
07. Leather
08. Paul
09. Abstract Notions
10. The Bridge
11. Try To Leave
12. Future Tense
13. (Taking a) Walk
14. Creeping

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