Friday, 22 January 2016

Listening to The World!

Look out April 1st, as we're releasing this immense debut 7" by The World into the wild. 

The World emerge from the raucous DIY music scene of Oakland, California, and are happy to mess with the ‘drums/bass/guitar’ format of punk by throwing in not one but double saxophones. There’s a restless energy at play in their music, with the bass and drums often holding down the song, allowing the other instruments to wrangle for centre stage. Amber’s hypnotic yet direct vocal dances over the top of this lively framework with as much impulse as instinct. 

'Managerial Material' is the lead track from the 7". It's a song as contagious as it is fun, with a clear focus on wanting to make the whole room dance before leaving with its echoed message trapped inside their heads.

Limited to 500 copies on neon yellow vinyl, the record features the tracks 'Managerial Material, 'Talk', 'It Takes 2' and 'In Pieces'. Available to pre-order here now!

"We’re in Leeds in 1979. Kingston, 1968. Or is it Athens, Georgia in 1982? No, no, it’s none of the above. Here we are in Oakland, California. The year is 2016 and The World offer the only glimmers of hope in a city rapidly transforming into a wasteland of artisanal toast and succulent shops right before our very eyes. They’ve awed all those who have seen them play in San Francisco basements, beach town bars, crowded East Bay lofts—who knew the sight of bongos could be so titillating? And now The World is ready for the world. Their debut 7” is all double sax attack, the tremolo of dub guitar, and those spare and sturdy drums, anchored by the gravitational pull of Amber’s propulsive bass. Every member of this band feels like the secret weapon, and together, the combination is deadly, the particular alchemy of musicians (the best musicians) who voraciously consume music of all kinds. Members have done time in Andy Human and the Reptoids, Pang, and Penny Machine—devotees of all those will find much to like here. The World’s a post-punk band, sure, but they’re also a dance group, a wild and revolutionary art collective, sounds from the past catapulted to the future. Today your love, tomorrow The World. Join up."

Written by Grace Ambrose.

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