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E.E.K. featuring CHIPSY this Saturday! Trash Kit have a new album! Spray Paint on Halloween!

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We’re excited to announce that we finally have a release date now for TRASH KIT’s long awaited follow up to their excellent, 2010 debut album. December 1st sees us release their new album ‘Confidence’! ‘Confidence’ sticks with the “play it all live” pluck we’ve come to expect from Trash Kit, there’s a minimal bent, a lyrical directness, an unadorned ethic that all evokes the sense that the song is being written at the same time as it’s performed. Yet ‘Confidence’ is startlingly more assured, allowing ideas to develop, conclusions to be gathered. There’s a restless energy that abounds, a momentum growing ever stronger, an alchemy at play. You can check that out yourselves in their new video for lead single ‘Medicine’ below. Pre-orders now being collected here too, along with our forthcoming DEERHOOF and VEXX titles: http://upsettherhythm.bigcartel.com/    


We’ve also just confirmed a release party for Trash Kit on December 4th, check out our listings section for more details. Talking of shows, we have just two left this month! Saturday we invite perhaps the world’s greatest keyboard player ISLAM CHIPSY to the stage with his Egyptian double-drumkit band E.E.K. at Tufnell Park Dome. Call it new wave Chaabi, electro Shaabi, Nile Delta synth, what you will but this much is true, it’s electrifying, life-affirming and jaw droppingly awesome! Joining our Saturday night lineup is Providence’s CONTAINER, showcasing his hypnotic, relentless beat-centric electronics, and Mark Gergis from Sublime Frequencies who will be DJ-ing throughout the evening! Our other show this month takes place when the veils thin between the our world and the next on Halloween with SPRAY PAINT, THE REBEL, THE GUTTERS and TENSE MEN all performing. Full write-ups and other show listings to follow, get spooky!

\\\\\ SATURDAY /////

E.E.K. featuring ISLAM CHIPSY
Saturday 11 October
Tufnell Park Dome

E.E.K. featuring ISLAM CHIPSY come direct from Cairo, launching their Shaabi keyboard sounds with deadly accuracy at your pineal gland via the irresistible propulsion of two raging drum kits. Chipsy's new wave Chaabi and Nile Delta synth has erupted out of the recent change in the social structures of Egypt, that disrupted existing power structures (to a certain degree) and created a whole new way of distributing art, politics and philosophy. E.E.K.’s debut album came out on the brilliant Nashazphone label in January this year, furnished with sleevenotes by Alan Bishop (of Sun City Girls) and mastering by his Sublime Frequencies ally Mark Gergis. Chipsy’s shameless yet dazzling showboating rides atop the gigantic dual rhythms, creating a riotous North African dance music that could send any audience into an absolute frenzy. The keyboards sound like sirens and there's a pure, violent virtuosity present. Traditional piano players use all their fingers to play a chord. House music revolutionised this, by allowing the producer to use only one finger. Chipsy introduced a new approach: he fires tone clusters with his fists, palms and edges of his hands all over the keyboard, and slamming down the keys, but still in a controlled manner. It's psychedelic and pumping. It 's tight and distorted. Sometimes there's cheers and yells, but nothing disrupts the very smart compositional glee lurking beneath.

"I saw him at a street party in Giza where a few hundred people had amassed to dance and scream into the night. Flanked by Khaled Mando & Islam Tata, his two drummers pounding furiously as the signature tone of his synth intensified for almost two hours, Islam Chipsy demonstrated his completely revolutionary take on modern Egyptian Shaabi. The sound was raw and distorted, the volume was deafening, and the energy was high. 30 minutes into the set, the trio pulled out blindfolds and put them on, only to continue their virtuosic performance without missing a beat, synced to the max, playing forwards, backwards, sideways psychedelic noise and showmanship projected through the distortion of a jet engine taking flight for some unknown location in the distant future of Shaabi sound. They were smiling and are very nice cats indeed, but when the PA system is blazing with their audio explosions, you best get up off your ass to dance or get the hell out of the way!" Alan Bishop.

CONTAINER is the stripped-down, beat-oriented electronic project of Providence, RI’s Ren Schofield, who somehow sculpts viscious punk sonics into raw jackhammer rhythms that groove in the most relentless, hypnotic, unstoppable and psychedelic ways currently working the grid. This lo-fi mesh of maxed-out drum patterns, spiralling loops and mesmerising arrangements makes for live music of serious weight and function, capable of both rushing the high-end dancefloors of Unsound, Donau and Berghain, and banging the below-stairs basements of Europe into submission. After a string of various cassette releases, the debut full length “LP” was released by Editions Mego sub-label Spectrum Spools in 2011, and has since been followed up by a second Spools LP and the Treatment 12” on the Morphine label…a steaming new 12” pulled in earlier this year on Liberation Technologies, as well as the thrillingly violent mauling of Four Tet‘s Kool FM as linked to below.


\\\\\ FRIDAY 31 OCTOBER /////

Friday 31 October
The Victoria, 451 Queensbridge Rd, Dalston, E8 3AS

SPRAY PAINT are a no wave punk outfit from Austin, Texas made up of Chris Stephenson (drums/vocals), Cory Plump (guitar/vocals) and George Dishner (guitar/vocals). Some of you may already know these guys from other projects such as When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth, Expensive Shit and Dikes of Holland. Spray Paint’s buzz-sawing guitars run headlong through labyrinthine tunnels of reverb, chased down by some wildly brain-bashing drums. All three members of Spray Paint sing too, helping create an uncontrollable sense of fervour as they jostle for the words. They work up a tone of paranoia amid the jagged rhythms, locking into a motoric groove that’s impossible to escape from, offset with stormy blasts of distortion. Since forming in 2012, Spray Paint have released two LPs and 7”s through SS-Records as well as readying an upcoming LP for Monofonus Press. They’ve wasted no time with hitting the road either, touring the US five times, most recently with their friends Protomartyr and The Rebel. They’ve also played at Fun Fun Fun Fest, Chaos in Tejas, Gonerfest, Cropped Out, SXSW and a live on-air performance on WFMU. This October sees Spray Paint head over to Europe for the first time, in support of their fierce new 7” EP through Upset The Rhythm, entitled ‘Cussin’.

THE REBEL is prolific London outsider Ben Wallers; a charismatic lone wolf in a cowboy hat or trilby and a tie whose electrified howls are too idiosyncratic to be broken down into market-oriented terms. It is difficult to sketch a thumbnail summary of a musician who has amassed a vast and unwieldy discography under a variety of names and genres: the most widely acclaimed is probably the Country Teasers, but he also moonlights as, or in, the Rebel, the Company, the Male Nurse, the Beale, the Stallion, the Black Poodle and Skills on Ampex, across folk, country, garage, post-punk, no wave and electronic pop. In the main part The Rebel is centred around twisted Casio drones, clanging guitar and some defiantly deadpan vocals, all thrown in the pan and pressure-cooked in Wallers' mind. Wallers has amassed a near-unquantifiable discography over the past 20 years, from scores of more or less “official” LPs, EPs and 7”s to seemingly endless self-released cassettes. Look out for a new record he's working on with Spray Paint to be released through Monofonus.

THE GUTTERS play raw stripped down garage punk from Portland U.S of A. Their auditory maelstrom is like taking a time machine to London in the late '70s, where every tinny punk had a band and everything was snarling and snotty. But the Gutters' tongue-in-cheek playfulness cuts those spiky allusions with fun vignettes, as found on their recent release "Should We Make a 7-Inch?" 7-inch. Other hilariously punk entitlements, such as beginning the song "Born in the Gutter" with "one, two, fuck you!" hint more at the duo's willingness to parade their love affair with the old guard than attempt to build upon it. This is all a-okay; the band's sewer serenades are a breath of fresh air, and at bite-sized intervals of roughly one to two minutes apiece, the Gutters are a fist-pumping hoot. Look out for their album on Tadpole Records too!

TENSE MEN live in a claustrophobic, miasmic world of scuttling shapes, deformed shadows and rigid, repetitive rhythms. The world of Tense Men has a low ceiling, the walls are wooden, rotting in places and badly varnished. The world of Tense Men is clammy to the touch. Eyes twitch, ears ring. Ears burn, eyes sting. The world of Tense Men is dripping all over your mouldy living room carpet. Reptilian tongues darting in and out tasting the dank air. Human forms jerking awkwardly to a record skipping in a locked, sweaty room. Shrieking voices. Murmuring whispers. Telling you things you don’t want to know over and over again, you listen because you aren’t sure if you’re really hearing it or not. You are! Aren't you? These men also exist within other entities, namely Sauna Youth, Cold Pumas and Omi Palone, amongst others. It began in the bleak Autumn of 2010 and has henceforth been peddling its suspect wares back and forth, here and there. Check out their recent album 'Where Dull Care is Forgotten' on Faux Discx, as well as their cassette on Casenove Tapes.

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\\\\\  UPSET THE RHYTHM   /////
/////  UPCOMING    SHOWS   \\\\\

E.E.K. featuring ISLAM CHIPSY
Saturday 11 October
Tufnell Park Dome

Friday 31 October
The Victoria, 451 Queensbridge Rd, Dalston, E8 3AS

Wednesday 5 November
Café OTO, 22 Ashwin Street, Dalston, E8 3DL

Thursday 6 November
O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire, Shepherd’s Bush Green, W12 8TT
7pm | £15 | SOLD OUT

Monday 10 November
The Lexington, 96-98 Pentonville Rd, Angel, N1 9JB

Wednesday 12 November
Electric Ballroom, 184 Camden High St, London, NW1 8QP
7.30pm | £15.00 | SOLD OUT

Tuesday 25 November
Old Blue Last, 38 Great Eastern St, Shoreditch, EC2A 3ES

TRASH KIT - 'Confidence' Album Launch!!!
Thursday 4 December
Bethnal Green Working Men's Club, 42 Pollard Row, E2 6NB

Thursday 29 January
100 Club, 100 Oxford St, London, W1D 1LL

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