Friday, 10 October 2014

E.E.K. featuring ISLAM CHIPSY - Saturday night!!!

Upset The Rhythm presents…

E.E.K. featuring ISLAM CHIPSY
Saturday 11th October
Tufnell Park Dome
8pm | £10 |

E.E.K. featuring ISLAM CHIPSY come direct from Cairo, launching their Shaabi keyboard sounds with deadly accuracy at your pineal gland via the irresistible propulsion of two raging drum kits. Chipsy's new wave Chaabi and Nile Delta synth has erupted out of the recent change in the social structures of Egypt, that disrupted existing power structures (to a certain degree) and created a whole new way of distributing art, politics and philosophy. E.E.K.’s debut album came out on the brilliant Nashazphone label in January this year, furnished with sleevenotes by Alan Bishop (of Sun city Girls) and mastering by his Sublime Frequencies ally Mark Gergis. Chipsy’s shameless yet dazzling showboating rides atop the gigantic dual rhythms, creating a riotous North African dance music that could send any audience into an absolute frenzy. The keyboards sound like sirens and there's a pure, violent virtuosity present. Traditional piano players use all their fingers to play a chord. House music revolutionised this, by allowing the producer to use only one finger. Chipsy introduced a new approach: he fires tone clusters with his fists, palms and edges of his hands all over the keyboard, and slamming down the keys, but still in a controlled manner. It's psychedelic and pumping. It 's tight and distorted. Sometimes there's cheers and yells, but nothing disrupts the very smart compositional glee lurking beneath.

"I saw him at a street party in Giza where a few hundred people had amassed to dance and scream into the night. Flanked by Khaled Mando & Islam Tata, his two drummers pounding furiously as the signature tone of his synth intensified for almost two hours, Islam Chipsy demonstrated his completely revolutionary take on modern Egyptian Shaabi. The sound was raw and distorted, the volume was deafening, and the energy was high. 30 minutes into the set, the trio pulled out blindfolds and put them on, only to continue their virtuosic performance without missing a beat, synced to the max, playing forwards, backwards, sideways psychedelic noise and showmanship projected through the distortion of a jet engine taking flight for some unknown location in the distant future of Shaabi sound. They were smiling and are very nice cats indeed, but when the PA system is blazing with their audio explosions, you best get up off your ass to dance or get the hell out of the way!" Alan Bishop.


CONTAINER is the stripped-down, beat-oriented electronic project of Providence, RI’s Ren Schofield, who somehow sculpts viscious punk sonics into raw jackhammer rhythms that groove in the most relentless, hypnotic, unstoppable and psychedelic ways currently working the grid. This lo-fi mesh of maxed-out drum patterns, spiralling loops and mesmerising arrangements makes for live music of serious weight and function, capable of both rushing the high-end dancefloors of Unsound, Donau and Berghain, and banging the below-stairs basements of Europe into submission. After a string of various cassette releases, the debut full length “LP” was released by Editions Mego sub-label Spectrum Spools in 2011, and has since been followed up by a second Spools LP and the Treatment 12” on the Morphine label…a steaming new 12” pulled in earlier this year on Liberation Technologies, as well as the thrillingly violent mauling of Four Tet‘s Kool FM as linked to below.


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