Tuesday, 1 March 2016

DOG CHOCOLATE album launch announced!

Come and celebrate Dog Chocolate’s new record coming out, with bands, comedy, fresh pizza, projections, DJs...

*>*>*> ‘SNACK FANS’ Record Launch <*<*<*

Friday 24 March
Apiary Studios, 458 Hackney Road, London, E2 9EG
7:30pm – 2am | £2 on the door

DOG CHOCOLATE sound like a crowded room but are actually four individuals from London. Having played in many other bands including Yeborobo, Limn and Gasp! Cracking Eggs, united they recognise Dog Chocolate as their one true love. Abandoning notions of elegance, cred and professionalism they embrace the ramshackle, instant and fun, capturing a vivid spontaneity with their music. ‘Snack Fans’ is the band’s debut album, released on March 18th by Upset The Rhythm. In just over 25 minutes the band gleefully assemble a roller-skate of sound held together with sellotape and blu-tac, just robust enough to reach it’s destination as it’s chucked downhill. It’s an album packed with ideas and momentum, no need to set the table, Dog Chocolate are in a rush. If ‘Snack Fans’ doesn't satisfy your appetite then you’ll need to fix yourself a feast or something.

RÓISÍN AND CHIARA’s “routine is as funny as it is bizarre. Whether singing a hymn to Nick Grimshaw, pretending to be breastfeeding babies or giving sage advice as celtic mystics, Róisín and Chiara are consistently hilarious. They move with such rampant pace from one segment to another that the audience cannot help but get caught up in the proceedings: even if you’re not a fan of absurdist comedy, you'll find it hard not to enjoy their infectious energy. ***** " - Broadway Baby

PRIVATE TROUSERS are playing the long game, one step at a time. Variously regarded as a breath of fresh air and an awful business, PT use self-made instruments to make lairy lullabies for the happy-sad, yes you.

DJ EGG LEGS’ tropical omelete includes Highlife, Afro funk, soukous, makossa, samba, mambo, shangaan and many more.

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