Thursday, 3 March 2016

Dog Chocolate - 'Bent Wire Situation' VIDEO!

Just premiered on the always great Louder Than War! Check it out, it's very special!

Here's some context from Andrew of Dog Chocolate too!

"The song's about that moment of coming to, 4 hours after getting in from work and you've still got your shoes on, you're sitting in the dark, there's no food in the house, you've got a headache and you're expertly holding the decrepit power cable to the laptop in just the right position to keep yourself in that same situation for another 4 hours. It's about non-specific bad vibes intrinsically linked to the inanimate objects we've surrounded ourselves with.

The video shows one character played by 15 people. It's an attempt at a personification of a true unwordable bent wire situation."

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