Saturday, 9 June 2018

Volcano Baby Man video by DOG CHOCOLATE!

Just premiered over at Brooklyn Vegan, enjoy!

Andrew from the band fills in the details in the third person:
The song was instigated by Andrew around the time of a much needed break from complex and anxiety ridden responsibilities and worries. The journey to peace and simplicity however can be a treacherous one and as Andrew felt himself become tiny, multiple monolithic mother-figures loomed… dut dut duuurr!!!
When we filmed, about a month ago, our only idea was a scrap of green-screen. We chucked in the van and picked a song. We were done with careful plans falling through. Sometimes your only choice is to surrender, sit in the back seat, let things happen, be baby. It was really only later that we saw any sort of link.
The baby and it’s chaos is to be celebrated! In the song, Andrew’s haphazard vocal line, birthed alongside the words, defined the guitar parts. In the video, the editing obeys the dictation of that green bit of paper we had.

'Moody Balloon Baby' by Dog Chocolate is out now on Upset the Rhythm!

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